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Trips to Ireland come with tons of exciting possibilities. Here's a list of activities to consider during your trip.

5 activities to do in your trip to Ireland

Ireland is a nation with breathtaking scenery, unique traditions, ancient history, and kindhearted people. Because the greatest time to visit this amazing destination is between March and May, many of us are already planning our trips to experience the wonderful gastronomy, urban life, and scenic wonders. If you’re planning a trip in this country that seems like it belongs in a storybook, here are five activities you shouldn’t miss. 

Go hiking on the Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher, Ireland’s most visited tourist destination, are a must-see for anybody visiting the country. These sea cliffs, which are located in County Clare on Ireland’s western coast, rise 120 meters above the Atlantic Ocean’s level and run for about 15 kilometers. The climb to the cliffs and back can take up to eight hours, so prepare ahead of time because you’ll almost certainly spend a day of your trip there. The view at the top of the cliffs, however, will be well worth the effort, as you’ll be treated to breathtaking landscape and over 20 different species of birds that have their comets in the cliffs. 

Visit the Aran Islands 

The Aran Islands are yet another tourist attraction located on the western coast of Ireland that, interestingly enough, can actually be seen from the cliffs of Moher. These tiny swaths of land were once essential to the Irish economy, as they housed significant fishing businesses and eventually became the primary exporters of the famous Aran knitwear. Speaking of the latter, buying such a garment from the islands should be a must on your to do list.

Become a lord/lady!

As unbelievable as it might sound, but during your trip to Ireland, you can actually become a Lord or a Lady. In the past, you had to be born into a noble family to earn this title, but now you may get it by just purchasing 1, 5, or 10 square feet of land. If you’re wondering why such a thing exists in the first place, the reason is simple: you’ll not only get a fancy title, but you’ll also be helping to create a nature reserve in Ireland, since the organizations who offer these titles will plant trees and help to save the environment in the designated location. 

Spend a night in a castle

Now that we’ve mentioned noble titles and the royal lifestyle, while in Ireland you can spend a night in a real castle. While the majority of Ireland’s castles are restricted to guests or only allow guided tours, many have been transformed into hotels where you can spend the night or perhaps stay for the duration of your vacation. Prices vary depending on the location and the popularity of the castle; for example, a night in a Dunboyne Castle Hotel in Meath can cost approximately $100 per room, while a stay in Ashford Castle, the most costly hotel of this sort, can cost almost $550 per night. Despite the cost, this is undoubtedly a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will be remembered . 

Enjoy a glass of Guinness beer 

Last, but not least, you obviously cannot leave Ireland without having a glass of authentic beer at the Guinness Storehouse. Even if you’re not much of a beer lover, it is essential to visit this place, as it is not only one of the biggest tourist attractions of the country, but also an amazing location to have some food, to get your loved ones souvenirs and to find more about the most iconic Irish beer. With seven floors and four bars, the Storehouse is sure to keep you there for a whole day and to give you an amazing experience. 

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