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How to Travel to Saudi Arabia on a Budget?

Saudi Arabia is the religious hub for the Muslims. Therefore, millions of believers in Islam travel to the holy cities every year to participate in Hajj and Umrah. But there is much more to Saudi Arabia besides its religious side. If you are wondering how to travel to Saudi Arabia on a budget, you need money-saving tips and tricks. 

The Kingdom has a rich history featuring many prominent battles in Arab history. It was also a trading center for a significant amount of time and was inhabited by many ancient civilizations. Moreover, it has diverse landscapes that consist of everything from marvelous deserts to stunning beaches. This is why it has become a much-anticipated tourist destination. 

If you want an Umrah, you can avail of Umrah packages from USA as they provide you with a hassle-free Umrah experience. But make sure to choose suitable local travel agents. 

Tips to Travel Saudi Arabia on a Budget

If you are curious about how to travel to Saudi Arabia on a budget, here are some things you must know. 

  • Book Your Flight at the Earliest

Booking early will get you the cheapest flight possible to your desired destination. It gives you the flexibility to travel and saves you a lot of money on your flight fare. Many airlines offer discounts and deals at random times. You can keep browsing different authentic websites and sign up for the newsletter of other airlines to keep track of such values and offers. 

Moreover, last-minute flights cost a lot higher. You might have already spent much money on a last-minute flight before. So, make the wiser decision now and book an affordable flight some months before your desired departure date. 

  • Travel during the Off-Season

Whether going to Saudi Arabia for an Umrah or exploring the diverse and culturally enriched region, traveling during the off-season can help you save a lot of money. Flights, accommodations, and all the other services tend to get higher when the demand for the destination increases. Therefore, you must pay extra for everything if you visit the region during peak season. 

But if you have a strict budget, consider traveling during the off-season. You will save a lot of money on all the services if you consider traveling during this time. Moreover, there are fewer crowds which helps you enjoy the destination a lot more. Also, you will be able to get a lot of off-season deals and discounts on everything. 

  • Avail of the Saudi tourist eVisa Option

Saudi tourist eVisa is the most hassle-free visa option for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. You can apply online for the eVisa without any inconvenience. This saves you a lot of time and money you might otherwise spend on the traditional visa method. Citizens of forty-nine countries can perform religious activities on the tourist eVisa. You can also perform Umrah on this tourist visa as a US citizen.

Applying for the eVisa saves you the hassle of visiting your travel agents and the local Saudi Embassy multiple times. Moreover, it also has no hefty application fees, making it perfect for budget travelers. A multiple-entry visa lets you visit the Kingdom for 90 days, multiple times within a year. 

  • Choose a Cheap Accommodation

Even though Saudi Arabia has numerous hotel options of different price ranges, couch surfing and staying at an Airbnb will save you a lot of money. Suppose you have a strict budget and want to spend only a little on your accommodation. If so, you must choose a reliable other source. 

This way, you also get a chance to interact with the locals. Moreover, you will also have quick access to more affordable local restaurants and cafes. This way, you will be able to have the most authentic experience in the destination in the cheapest way possible. 

  • Use Public Transport

Saudi Arabia offers various kinds of public transport. Even though you can always take a taxi or an Uber around the country, it will be a lot cheaper if you use public transport. The most cost-effective option is to travel by bus. There are various routes of these buses that you can take no matter what city you are in and what areas you want to explore.

You can also use the trains in Saudi Arabia, but they might be cheaper than the buses. But you can get some discounts or deals by booking in advance. Did you want to know how to travel to Saudi Arabia on a budget? Using public transport will help you a great deal.

Final Words

Whether you have booked Hajj packages from the USA, are going for an Umrah, or are on holiday in the region, you should plan the ideal travel budget. Undoubtedly, we all want to save money while traveling to ensure we spend our money wisely. Make sure that you set a budget before you start browsing how to travel to Saudi Arabia on a budget so that you know the amount that you could spend.


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