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Looking to fly or sail over the Atlantic ocean? Europe is full of romantic beauty and fancy destinations! Add these places to your vacation list.

Escape your mundane life with these romantic vacation destinations in Europe

If you’ve had a year like most of us, you could use a vacation. After being locked up for over a year amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, most people are dying to see some new things in some exciting new places. Botched vacations in the form of masked camping trips may have kept us mentally afloat, but with rumors of countries in Europe taking in Americans soon, people are starting to plan some real getaways.

Are you aching to see the Swiss Alps or the romantic views of southern France sometime soon? Europe holds sights & sounds with legendary reputations, and there’s almost too much to choose from. Lucky for you, we’ve collected some of the most beautiful & romantic destinations for your next vacation in Europe. Before you start packing, book a flight to one of our destinations below.

Crete, Greece

You may have forgotten about Crete since first learning about ancient Greece in history class, but you should know, Crete is alive & well. Not only does the island off the Southern coast of mainland Greece have history, but the destination has some of the most incredible Mediterranean views Europe has to offer. Good god, just look at it!

We have a hard time coming up with a more romantic scene than eating fresh olives & amazing seafood on the coast of Crete on a warm morning or cool evening. If you’re planning a vacation to Europe, just take a look at Sea Side Resort & Spa – we challenge you not to book a few nights.

Venice, Italy

If you’re going on vacation to Europe, you can’t skip Italy. Italy has some of the world’s most celebrated meats, wine, pizza, and pastries (getting hungry?). Furthermore, the giant boot has some of the world’s most unique cities, and Venice is hard to top.

We can’t imagine your romantic bucket list doesn’t feature a romantic evening sharing some red wine on a gondola through the storybook aquatic city of Venice. Not only is Venice a must-see destination, with climate change raveging our planet, the city also could be under water any day now. Don’t wait – book today! 

The Alps

Any theater kid will fill you in on the importance of 1965’s The Sound of Music, but even if you can’t get down with the movie, the beauty of the flick’s iconic alive hills are hard to deny. The hills Sound made famous are located in Austria, but this beautiful mountain range also covers Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Slovenia, and Liechtenstein. That’s a lot of countries! 

If you’re planning a vacation to Europe with your boo, we suggest taking a hike up the Alps to the location which put Julie Andrews on the map. The views at the top will be a brilliant reward, and you & bae can celebrate back at the hotel, although you’ll be so dizzy on love (and the altitude) checking in will never come too soon. 

Bilbao, Spain

Spain is famous for destinations like Barcelona & Madrid, but don’t sleep on Bilbao. The less-visited Bilbao has everything you could want from a romantic trip to Europe. The city has daunting green mountains and gorgeous views of the Bay of Biscay, but Bilbao’s sights don’t end with its natural wonders.

The city couples it’s innate beauty with massive skyscrapers coming together with modern delights like the famed Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, which looks like a modern work of art itself. With plenty to do & see, Bilbao will make you glad you didn’t listen to your Barcelona-fanatic friends.


Our list is a great tool to get your vacation to Europe started, but if you’re anything like us, more destinations will definitely get added to the itinerary. What’s your favorite destination in Europe? Tell us in the comments below!

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