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SpotiKeep Spotify Playlist Downloader Review – Keep Spotify Music Permanently

Subscribing for Spotify Premium enjoys advantages in enjoying Spotify’s entire music library freely. However, Spotify Premium still contains some restrictions even we have paid money for it. For example:

  • We can download 10,000 Spotify songs in maximum for offline playback;
  • Spotify Premium account can only connect to 5 devices in maximum;
  • We still have no choice to control the downloaded songs because they can only be played inside the Spotify platform;
  • Spotify Premium requires a monthly charge, which burdens people who want to subscribe for an extended period.


I recently discovered a way to get rid of Spotify’s restrictions by downloading the songs out of the platform and saving them in plain audio formats, which is to use a reliable Spotify playlist downloader. As a result, I’d like to introduce the one I am using to you, SpotiKeep Spotify Playlist Downloader.

Spotify Premium vs. Spotify Playlist Downloader

Most Spotify playlist downloaders are not free items. Like Spotify Premium, they provide a free trial for users to try the functions before making payment. So in the following, I’d like to compare Spotify Premium and SpotiKeep Spotify Playlist Downloader (registered version) for you.

Download Limit

As mentioned above, even you have subscribed for Spotify Premium plans. You only have the chance to download 10,000 songs for offline playback at maximum. 

By comparison, SpotiKeep Spotify Playlist Downloader sets no limits on the amount of downloading songs. So you can use the software to download Spotify playlist you need for an unlimited time.

Compatible Device

Spotify provides mobile/desktop apps and also a web player. Therefore, you can access Spotify on any device to enjoy music. But only Spotify apps support the offline playback feature. So even you are a Spotify Premium user, but you are using the web player, you would fail to download the songs.

SpotiKeep is more friendly to desktop users. Because this is desktop software, so you can’t use it on mobile phones or tablets but just on Windows or Mac computers. So if you want to download Spotify songs to mobile devices, you need to use your desktop for downloading via SpotiKeep Spotify Playlist Downloader at first, then transfer to the portable devices. This would be a little bit troublesome to those who use desktops less often.

Audio Quality

For Spotify songs, the music quality provides four options to stream them online inside the Spotify platform, including Low (24 kbit/s), Normal (96 kbit/s), High (160 kbit/s), and Very high (320 kbit/s).

Inside SpotiKeep Spotify Playlist Downloader, three quality options allow users to download the Spotify songs offline, which includes the highest 320kbps and high 256kbps to save the content for enjoyable offline streaming. As a result, SpotiKeep can maintain the audio quality in the best condition for you.

Audio Format

Spotify encrypts all the soundtracks in OGG format. Also, if you need to deliver your local audio files to Spotify for playing back with this media player, FLAC and WAVE are both workable formats supported by the Spotify platform.

SpotiKeep Spotify Playlist Downloader supports downloading Spotify songs to standard plain formats such as MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC, which are widely supported by almost all devices and media players.


As mentioned, both Spotify Premium and SpotiKeep Spotify Playlist Downloader require a fee after the free trial period over. Now let’s compare the price of them.

After the free trial expires, Spotify provides four plans for users to choose to subscribe, including:

  • Individual (1 account): $9.99/Month
  • Duo (2 accounts): $12.99/Month
  • Family (6 accounts): $14.99/Month
  • Student (1 account): $4.99/Month

SpotiKeep Spotify Playlist Downloader also has three plans allowing users to select, which are:

  • 1-Month Subscription (1 computer): $14.95/Month
  • 1-Year Subscription (1 computer): $2.91/Month
  • Lifetime Subscription (1 computer): $79.95

Spotify Premium only offers monthly subscription plans, so if you need to download Spotify playlist to MP3 or other formats for offline listening, you have to spend a particular expense on this service every month. But SpotiKeep Spotify Playlist Downloader offers a lifetime plan. By paying the fee once, you can enjoy the downloading service forever. So, by comparison, I finally chose this plan to subscribe to.

How to Download Spotify Playlist to MP3 with SpotiKeep

SpotiKeep Spotify Playlist Downloader is also simple to use. Now let’s see how it works.

STEP 1. Download SpotiKeep Spotify Playlist Downloader for free via the following links.

>> On Windows 

>> On Mac

After installing both the SpotiKeep and Spotify app to your desktop, lunch SpotiKeep Spotify Playlist Downloader and Spotify app will also be opened automatically.

STEP 2. In the Spotify app, copy the URL of the Spotify song, playlist, or album that you’d like to download. Then move to SpotiKeep Spotify Playlist Downloader for pasting the URL and clicking the “Add File” button.


STEP 3. Now, you can select an output format for converting all the Spotify songs at once from the top-right format selection menu. You can also set a specific format for all the soundtracks one-by-one (but this would be more troublesome).

STEP 4. Finally, when you have selected the output format, directly hit the “Convert All” button, and all the added Spotify songs will be downloaded offline immediately.

That’s all I want to share about SpotiKeep Spotify Playlist Downloader. From my perspective, SpotiKeep is more economical than subscribing to Spotify Premium every month, making the Spotify songs even playable outside of the Spotify platform. That’s why I choose to download Spotify playlist to MP3 with SpotiKeep.

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