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Travel is one of the most satisfying activities in the world. Discover how to obtain a dual passport here.

Traveling With a Dual Passport- Now Getaways Are Not That Difficult

Who can forget the mesmerizing pictures of Kylie Jenner with a backdrop of the bell tower of the American Cathedral in Paris? But everyone was like, “How is it even possible when Americans can’t enter Europe because of the ongoing COVID travel restrictions?”

Forget international traveling. Many were unable to visit their neighboring states or cities as well. It’s because the government was warning against non-essential travel to curb the spread of the virus. Shockingly, even when people had some “work-related” plans, the countries were banning their entry.

Exploring the benefits of traveling with dual citizenship

The first and most important advantage is you get the benefit of traveling without looking for visa restrictions. For example, if you have an Italian passport, you can travel to EU countries without any restrictions.

 Other than this,

  • You can travel for more extended periods. The best part is that if you don’t want to continue the monotonous life because of what happened last year, you can shift your base and work remotely without having to travel back soon.
  • You won’t be denied access to countries you’re a citizen of. This means that even an American citizen can travel to Italy or other EU countries if you hold an Italian passport. Isn’t that amazing?
  • You can use digital border checkpoints. Having a dual passport will allow you to navigate the waiting time fastly. This would be beneficial if you have to make frequent trips to or from Europe.
  • You can claim consular protection. Yes! You heard it right! To those who don’t know, various European countries have partnerships with each other. This is quite beneficial if something goes wrong while traveling.

You should opt for Italian citizenship! Why? The following data will help you understand the reason better.

Besides the cost-effective purchase of land and tax-free import of vehicles, you’ll have the advantage of access to public medical care and high-quality education. And that’s not all! You can work, reside, or study in Italy and 27 EU member states, such as Spain, France, Germany, and so on. That too, without any need for a visa.

How to Get Dual Citizenship?

Getting another country’s citizenship is about expanding your reach and finding ways to give yourself some freedom. You can visit this website for a complete guide about getting dual citizenship. For now, let’s discuss different ways briefly. 

Citizenship by Descent

It is a relatively simple approach. For instance, if a parent or grandparent is Italian, the children down the family tree can automatically receive citizenship for himself/herself.

Citizenship By Residence

If there aren’t any options in a family tree, the next option is to opt for citizenship by residence. You need to look for different options as the process might vary depending on the country’s laws and regulations.

Citizenship By Marriage

You might get a hold of this citizenship if you stay at least three years with your Italian spouse. And the best part is that when obtaining Italian citizenship through marriage, the children born out of this wedlock will automatically become citizens by descent. 

This is why you must request assistance from Italian lawyers specialized in Italian citizenship. 

  • Clearly, you can see that the application procedure for citizenship is very complicated. Most people will have to go through an extensive training process to avoid mistakes. However, it’s not always possible. Hiring qualified assistance will help you avoid potential errors that might cost you the chances of getting citizenship.
  • Let’s be honest. You don’t know the laws. However, an experienced lawyer will have all the nitty-gritty details about it and ease your understanding of the whole process. 
  • The professional lawyers will have all the skilled maneuvers to present your application in the best possible way. They will help you get into the system pretty quickly. 

What are the benefits of dual citizenship?

Opting for dual citizenship creates incredible opportunities and fosters cultural diversity that makes the entire experience beautiful. But how? Keep reading, and you’ll have your answer.

You Get Access to a Plethora of Benefits/ Privileges

Many countries offer dual citizenship. So, individuals with second passports have access to two social services systems. And who knows, if law permits in that country, you might even run for office. But of course, that won’t be the reason that you opt for this advantage.

You Can Use Two Passports And Eliminate The Need For Visa

If you are a dual citizen, you don’t have to leave your native country at all. For instance, if you are a U.S. citizen and opted for Italian citizenship, you can travel within these two countries. Hang on! Benefits don’t end here. You can even go to several countries for travel without being asked for visas.

You Can Purchase Property in Either Country

While many countries restrict land ownership to citizens only, having dual citizenship will allow you to own land in either country. This will be a good option if you travel very frequently between countries. It would turn out to be an economical way.

You Get Access to Cultural Benefits

Every person is unique or different in its way. In the same way, every country is different in terms of its image and cultural history. There are reports where various government officials opt for dual citizenship to promote their country’s image.

Bottom Line

Not all passports are worth or are the same. Their ranking varies according to their power of letting citizens into a maximum number of countries without any visa. And having a passport from the European Union opens a door of opportunities not only for you but for your children as well.

So, have you thought about it? If not, consult the professionals right away!

Author Bio:

Katherine is a content marketer working with Outreach Monks working for more than 5 years now. His special interest in the immigration policies and its impact in traveling motivates him to write articles that help the readers to understand the nitty-gritty details smoothly. 

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