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Buying Property or Land as a foreigner in Bangladesh

As Bangladesh joins the list of the nations with the fastest growing economies, its economic potential is expanding. And as a smart investor, you may have been considering purchasing property in Bangladesh for some time.  Therefore, it might be a very profitable spot to invest for exponential return through buying land, property or companies. There are a few considerations, though, if you’re a foreigner trying to purchase real estate abroad. As a foreigner, there may be a variety of traps and legal snares to watch out for. Before beginning your new venture, do your research thoroughly to reduce the chance of losing all of your money. 

Make sure you are familiar with Bangladeshi laws and rules pertaining to property ownership as the first step. For instance, in some nations, foreigners are not permitted to acquire outright real estate. Instead, they would need to partner with a local resident or lease the land from the government. 

The essential thing to remember in this situation is to read the regulations carefully before making any purchases. Last but not least, remember to account for ownership expenses such as maintenance and property taxes. Before you make any judgments, it’s crucial to hire a top law firm in Bangladesh, to help you navigate this investment. This essay will assist you in navigating the confusing process of purchasing a home in Bangladesh as a foreigner. 

Should Foreigners Invest in Bangladesh Real Estate? 

Bangladesh is a nation that is rapidly developing, and both its economy and people are expanding. It has a crucial strategic location near the geographic heart of South Asia, on the Bay of Bengal coast. It has a considerable impact on the economy of both South Asia and Southeast Asia by acting as a significant commercial hub. As a result, it is growing in popularity as a location for real estate investors. 

The cost of real estate in Bangladesh is still rather affordable, and there are many different types of properties to choose from, including flats, villas, farms, and land. In comparison to other wealthy nations, construction prices are likewise relatively low here. The nation also provides a lot of tax incentives for homebuyers, making it a desirable location for investments. 

In addition, Bangladesh is working on a number of significant infrastructure projects that will likely help the country’s real estate market grow over the next few years. More significantly, urbanization in Bangladesh has been steadily increasing. The country’s metropolis’ expanding population has undoubtedly increased housing demand. 

As a result, investing in Bangladeshi real estate firms will not only give you a consistent income stream (if you choose to rent it out), but it could also turn out to be a prudent financial move given the possibility of value growth. In addition, for people wishing to retire abroad or for a vacation home abroad, purchasing property in rural Bangladesh and building a home there can be a unique and sustainable alternative. Before making the decision to purchase the land, you should first determine and agree upon its major use. Whatever your reason, you should approach this investment the same way you would any other, regardless of your purpose.

Are there any restrictions in buying properties by a foreigner in Bangladesh?

It is reasonable to assume that foreigners can purchase property in Bangladesh because there is no specific restriction under any statute either barring the selling or registering of any property in possession of a foreign resident. 

Additionally, there are many different sorts of lands and property in Bangladesh, and each has its own special regulations governing who can own it and who can transfer it to. Therefore, a foreigner can legitimately buy real estate in Bangladesh, excluding any restrictions on the kind of property being sold. 

Although there are some limitations, the procedure is generally not too difficult. Foreigners can typically only buy apartments in Dhaka for their own homes, and they need permission from the Bangladesh Board of Investment to do so. The property must also be situated in an authorized area, and the entire purchase price must be made in a foreign currency. But as long as you meet them, you should have no trouble buying a home in Bangladesh if you can assign the task to a top law firm in Dhaka. These conditions are not very difficult.

Taxes and fees for foreigners purchasing real estate in Bangladesh:

Non-citizens are not subject to any tax schemes that differ from those that apply to citizens due to the absence of legislation pertaining to international buyers on the Bangladeshi real estate market. Therefore, similar to Bangladeshi nationals, non-citizens will be forced to pay the government 10% of the entire cost of the property in order to register their property. Taxes on rental income amount to 30 percent of the amount earned from renting out the residence.

Things to be careful about if you are buying land:

If the latest survey (i.e., B.S. Jarip or City Jarip) is being done in the area where the land is located, it should be possible to record the newly acquired land under that survey in the name of the current owner.

Additional conditions for a certain type of land or land types (Waqf, Lease, Khas Land):

  1. When it comes to Waqf property, the Sale Deed must be signed by an authorized Mutawalli and prior Waqf Administrator approval is required in order to transfer or mortgage the property.
  2. The Ministry of Housing & Public Works must give its approval each time a lease property from RAJUK/CDA (Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha) is transferred.
  3. The property cannot be sold or financed in the case of Khas land. Before buying any type of land, it must be confirmed whether it is Khas property or not. 
  4. Land that has been degraded by rivers, such as Shikosthi Jorip, is extremely difficult to acquire.

The steps required for the acquisition of a property in Bangladesh: 

Keep in mind that the stages required in purchasing a property overseas may vary greatly from those you are accustomed to at home.

  • Begin searching for the desired property in Bangladesh, either yourself or with the assistance of a top law firm based in Dhaka like Tahmidur Rahman Remura.
  • If you require a loan, approach a local bank for pre approval.
  • Request authorization from the Bangladesh Board of Investments.
  • Hire a real estate agent.
  • Have you located any suitable properties? Consult your real estate agent regarding making an offer. Discuss the sale’s price and any other pertinent data.
  • On your behalf, your agent will do all necessary verifications, investigations, and paperwork for the acquisition.
  • Confirm your loan or other funding sources.
  • Pay the deposit and sign the contract.
  • Notarize the deed, then get it recorded at the land registry office.
  • Send the remainder of the original price and any relevant taxes and levies.
  • Your new Bangladeshi property is now available and awaiting your ownership.

Feel free to get in touch with Tahmidur Rahman Remura if you need the assistance of a premier corporate and property law firm in Bangladesh to assist you in purchasing a property or for any investment in Bangladesh.

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