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There are countless cardiologists located in Singapore. Find out which cardiologists rate at the very top with our breakdown.

Top 20 Cardiologists and Practices in Singapore

Cardiology quite simply is a practice of medicine that addresses diseases and disorders of the heart.  There are many types of sub-specialties and many cardiology specialists worldwide.  Singapore has a great number of top cardiologists as of the date of this article and remains a hub for many cardiologists because of its top medical centers where they can practice. 

Many practices are in university settings and are teaching hospitals as well.  Teaching hospitals are worldwide quality centers for medical services of all types as the standards must be kept high to remain a teaching hospital. 

Private practice vs. public practice cardiology in Singapore

Many top-rated cardiologists are available either through private practice in their clinics, or individuals can choose public practice cardiologists who practice in a public hospital.  The public doctors can be subsidized, for local Singaporeans or permanent residents, but the wait times are longer, from 4 to 6 weeks to be seen. 

Private cardiologists are oftentimes chosen as patients can be seen quickly, in one to two days, and many even include walk-in services.  When facing a heart problem most individuals do gravitate towards private cardiologists to get attention quickly.  

Without considering cost these are some of the top cardiologists in Singapore

Dr. Michael MacDonald.  Doctor MacDonald was trained in the UK and practices at the Harley Street Heart and Vascular Centre.  He has a holistic approach to cardiology problems focusing on the patient not just the disease. 

High blood pressure, angina, heart failure, and all aspects of the heart are a specialty of Doctor MacDonald, who has been in practice for over twenty years and was trained by some of the most world-renowned cardiologists. He is a Director and Senior Consultant at the Harley Street Heart and Vascular Centre.  

Dr. MacDonald’s holistic approach encompasses not just the heart problems of an individual but looks to assist in lifestyle changes, making him popular in not just treatment but prevention of heart problems and disease.  His approach is diagnostic and then interventional, seeking the least intrusive approaches with the best outcomes to all heart problems.

Dr. Joshua Loh. He is considered a top cardiologist in Singapore as he has vast experience in non-invasive treatments, and complex problems.  He also has performed over 5000 surgeries in his medical career and is affiliated with many research projects in both Singapore and abroad in the USA.  He is on staff with many cardiac centers throughout Singapore. 

Dr. Lee Chee Wan.  Dr. Wan has a private clinic and appointments are therefore easy to book.  He specializes in screenings and diagnostic testing, with interventions when needed.  The interventions include implanted devices surgeries.  

Dr. Erick Hong Cho Tek.  Affiliated with the Elizabeth Medical Centre, Dr. Tek is an echocardiogram specialist, and nuclear cardiology specialist. 

Dr. Gerard Leong.  He is considered a specialist in hypertension and for that reason well sought out by patients suffering from this.  He is affiliated with the Thomson Medical Centre.  He is also a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians in the UK and can claim 15 years of experience in his field.   

Dr.Teo Wee Siong, This cardiologist is well known and experienced that he heads a team of other cardiologists at the Mount Elizabeth Centre in Singapore. 

Dr. Ruth Kam.  She is known for her expertise in chronic arrhythmias as well as other chronic problems of the heart and practices also at a clinic within Singapore. 

Dr. Lim Ing Hang.Coronary artery disease is the strong point of Doctor Lim, with risk assessment another specialty.   

Dr. Leslie Tay.  His specialties are angiograms and angioplasty.  

Some top cardiologists are available through a practicing group

These include the following:

Harley Street Heart & Vascular Centre.  This is Singapore’s largest private heart & vascular centre, that has internationally renowned cardiologists and a vascular surgeon. Located in Gleneagles, Novena and Mount Elizabeth Hospitals.

EH Heart Specialists Private Limited. Appointments can be easy to make, and they can generally accept walk-ins and are subsidized.  This practice is affiliated with the Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre.

Livingstone Cardiology.  Affiliated as well with Mt. Elizabeth Medical Centre and offering complete evaluations and treatments. 

Apex Heart Clinic. 24-hour treatments are available including stress tests and blood pressure monitoring, this clinic is affiliated with the Gleneagles Hospital in Singapore.

Asian Heart and Vascular Centre. The physicians here are also well-renowned and affiliated with Mount Elizabeth, and other hospitals.

Cardiac Clinic International.  Merits rating as a top twenty cardiologist for the quickness of appointment and diagnosis, and the twenty-four-hour walk-in availability.  

Thomson Medical Clinic.  While not strictly heart only, there are enough diagnostic capabilities to deal with immediate heart needs such as arrhythmias.  It is open round the clock and walk-ins are welcomed. A good choice for finding quality diagnostic care immediately.

There is no right way or wrong way to choose a top cardiologist

Research is needed before any procedure; it is wise to consult not one but two specialists as heart problems and procedures are complex.

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