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How To Use Travel Credit Cards To Get Cheap Flights?

Travel credit cards are the new norm for savvy travelers, but how can I use them to book cheap flights?

Traveling has become quite expensive, especially for those on a budget. Even if you are not on a budget, saving some bucks on your airline is always a treat for travelers. I would dance to the airport if I knew I had saved $100 on my air ticket. :) 

Suppose you travel a lot and use your credit card when booking a flight, a hotel, or even a cab. Did you know that there are separate credit cards for traveling? Did you know these travel credit cards can give you points and rewards each time you use them during a trip? What would you do with your credit card rewards? 

If I were you, I would have saved and redeemed all my points when booking a flight. Because we all know booking a flight is the most expensive thing during a trip. 

This blog post is all about Travel credit cards and ways to use them to get cheap flights. So, hop on this bandwagon with us and become a smart traveler!

What Are Travel Credit Cards And How Do They Work?

What is special about these credit cards, and how do they benefit travelers? To know this, you have to stay with us!

Credit cards come in various categories depending on the spending habits and lifestyle of the user. Some popular ones are business credit cards, student credit cards, airline and hotel co-branded credit cards, travel credit cards, cash-back credit cards, etc. These credit cards have defined roles, and the users get options that sync with their needs. 

Travel Credit Cards are the ones that pay rewards when you make a travel-related transaction. These rewards are usually in the form of miles, points, or cash back. When a user spends on purchases like flights, hotels, car rentals, and cruises, these cards calculate a percentage on every dollar spent and return it as a reward to the credit card.

When these rewards, points, or miles are accumulated enough to be spent on something, you can redeem them on your next transaction to save money. Giving points or miles is one of many purposes of these cards; they also offer huge discounts, travel insurance, and lounge access on airlines, restaurants, and hotels. 

Some of the best travel cards are the American Express Travel Credit Card, Chase Sapphire Travel Credit Card, and the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card. 

Ways To Use Travel Credit Cards To Get Cheap Flights

You need a good strategy to get cheap flights using your credit cards. You can only get almost free tickets if you have earned enough points. But how do we gather points or rewards? Here are some ways for travelers to get cheaper air tickets; you can try all of them and keep earning points!

#1: Choosing The Right Travel Credit Card

Not all travel credit cards in the market offer the same number of perks and discounts on flights. Some offer cashback at a good percentage, which you can use even on small purchases, while some offer miles, which you can only use to cover the distance on air travel. Consider your spending habits, travel goals, and the type of travel rewards you’re interested in earning, whether you need your rewards in points, miles, cashback, discounts, or free stuff.

Compare the best travel credit cards regarding rewards rates, travel perks, miles, cashback, discounts, affiliation, etc., and your personal travel goals when deciding on a credit card. 

#2: Using Points, Miles, And Compensation Rights

It is not a wise decision if you have redeemed your 400 points for just a $5 purchase. It would be best to wait and accumulate your points until they can be used for the flight tickets. You must determine the best options to redeem your points and miles effectively. You have to be strategic when using your rewards to get cheaper flights.

On the other hand, if you travel on a day with a chance of flight disruption, you can be eligible for compensation. Weekday flights, especially during morning and evening rush hours, may experience delays due to higher air traffic. So, be familiar with the airline’s policies on compensation for delays, cancellations, and denied boarding and learn more about it. And use your compensation to cut costs. 

#3: Use a Travel Search Engine

Travel search engines are platforms that help users compare prices of airlines, get discounts, get knowledge of passenger rights, select destinations, etc. These are helpful for savvy travelers and are usually associated with travel credit cards. One such flight search engine is Airadvisor, which offers the best prices on airlines for travelers. Users can use the offers provided on this flight search engine to get a first-hand discount, and when it comes to payment, redeem the points to get the cheapest flight ever. 

#4: Get Airline Subscriptions

Airline subscriptions are one of the best ways to book discounted flights. When you sign up with their websites, these airlines keep sending you emails regarding their latest or upcoming offers. You can take advantage of these offers on time and enjoy an affordable air trip. But how do travel credit cards help here? These cards are affiliated with the websites, and when the credit card company offers a discount or offers a good percentage of a discount, they inform subscribers by email. Travel credit cards offer really good cashback to airline subscribers, so if you are one of them, do not ignore their emails and keep an eye on your inbox.

#5: Using A Credit Card Travel Portal

As mentioned earlier, when you choose a travel credit card, always ensure that your credit card company is affiliated with the airlines you often use. The travel credit card has a travel portal of its own. These travel portals usually offer exclusive discounts and promotions, saving you even more money on your flights. These portals also allow you to redeem your points or miles on your favorite airline. 

Final Thoughts

There are more ways, but each depends on your needs and travel goals. So, the first thing you need to do is list down your goals. One of the best ways to save money on flights is to join any airline’s loyalty program. Airlines often offer their loyal customers great discounts and sometimes even free tickets. We hope these tips will be helpful to you as a traveler, and getting a travel credit card might be fruitful for you. Don’t forget to pay your credit card bills and enjoy life. Summing it up with best wishes and good luck for your travel journeys. 

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