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Adventure seekers to history lovers, a Rajasthan trip will make your heart happy. Here are our top picks out of all the activities available in Rajasthan.

Top Six Activities to do in Rajasthan

Rajasthan and royalty go hand in hand. The state is known as the “land of Kings”. The princely state is famous for its rich culture and heritage. The architectural paradise attracts tourists from all over the world. The versatility of the state makes it the humble abode for enthralling activities. Rajasthan has varieties of things in its store for every kind of person.

Adventure seekers to history lovers, Rajasthan will make your heart happy. Here are our top picks out of the exciting activities available in Rajasthan. Plan your Rajasthan trip and don’t miss out on these activities.

Experience a wild safari amidst the wildlife of Rajasthan

The wildlife of Rajasthan is as vast as its heritage. Safaris top the list of most exciting activities in the state. Rajasthan houses one of the most famous national parks of Northern India. The Ranthambore National Park is known for its tiger population. If luck plays in your favor, you might spot the big cat on your safari. Besides the Ranthambore National Park, there are other parks and sanctuaries in the state. Among them, one is the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, the ultimate place for bird lovers. Listen to the chirping and spot the colorful birds as you explore the sanctuary. Sariska Tiger Reserve and Keoladeo National Park are two of the other places which you must keep on your list.

Trek your way into the rugged parts of Rajasthan

Voila! To your amusement, Rajasthan even has trekking trails for you. Get yourself ready as the hiking adventure awaits you. Even though the trails are moderate and anyone can take part in this adventure. The climate of the state makes the hike tougher at times. Communicate with the locals on your way to Mount Abu. The greenery of Rajasthan will leave you speechless. Don’t miss out on this activity in Rajasthan. The unique experience of the hike will always remain in your heart.

Mesmerize yourself in the Architecture

The intricate architecture of Rajasthan is evident in the nooks and corners of the state. The forts, caves, and temples embrace the architecture of Rajasthan. Nowadays, architecture is what brings out the Rajputana of the state in the frontline. The architecture of Rajasthan inspires people across the globe. Go and explore the forts, witness the intricate details, and admire the craftsmanship. The Mehrangarh fort is breathtakingly beautiful. One can spend hours exploring the architecture of the state. Along with this activity comes a bonus. You get an insight into the history of the state as well. The historical beauty of the state has its charm.

Camp under the Stars

Camel safari, folk music, and camping under the stars. Isn’t it the most ideal combination? While planning your trip to Rajasthan don’t forget about Camel safaris and camping under the stars. This experience will make you fall for the state all over again. Sitting on a camel and paving your way through the desert to your campsite is one of the best activities to do in Rajasthan. Upon reaching the site, witness the most magical sunset of your life. Enjoy a Rajasthani feast and sway to folk music. Call it a night as you count the stars and transport into a dreamland.

Celebrate the festivals with the Locals

The best way to understand the culture and heritage of a place is by celebrating the festivals of a place. When go local is trending worldwide for food consumption and fashion, then this applies to the exploration as well. If you happen to visit Rajasthan during any of their festivals don’t forget to celebrate it with the locals. Rather it is advised to plan a trip according to the festivity of the state. The Pushkar festival, the kite festival is all fun festivals of Rajasthan to take part in.

Shop and enjoy the Delicacies

Besides every fun activity, shopping is the most loved activity of all time. Shopping accompanied by lip-smacking delicacies will always be on the top list of most exciting activities in Rajasthan. The handicraft works, jewels, and clothes of Rajasthan are all so vibrant. The vibrancy will surely catch your attention. Do not forget to take a break and hog on some dal bati churma, kachoris, halwas, and so on.

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