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Do you miss traveling? So do we! Peruse these scrumptious 5-star restaurants with us from all over the world, even if it's just from your couch!

Eat like a queen: Step inside these lavish and luscious 5-star restaurants

While making your own food at home has its advantages, there’s nothing like dining out. The ability to sit back and relax as mouthwatering food is delivered to you, munch on things you may not be able to make in your own kitchen, and the fun bonding it provides proves just how powerful sharing a meal can be. 

Some restaurants know this and take it to the next level. Many 5-star restaurants provide not only amazing food and great service but also showcase how food can be an art form, innovating new ways to cook, plate, and serve food every night while offering amazing atmospheres that’ll take your breath away. 

But what 5-star restaurants stand out among the crowd of amazing eateries? We ate our way through the internet to find the 5-star restaurants that’ll have you booking a table before anyone can say ‘Check please!’ Grab your forks and dive into these amazing 5-star restaurants. 

Per Se Restaurant – New York 

Let’s take a bite out of the Big Apple with this first 5-star restaurant that livens up the grey city streets. This amazing French restaurant is in the heart of New York City, providing a luxurious calm in the ever-busy storm of NYC. 

This is one of the highest-ranked Michelin star restaurants, housed right within the Time Warner Building in Midtown Manhattan, specifically in Columbus Circle. The restaurant offers incredible views of the entire city to go with its mouth-watering cuisine, cultivated by Chef Thomas Keller, who owns two other Michelin star restaurants besides this one. 

The 5-star restaurant offers special tasting menus on an everyday basis, with no single ingredient ever being repeated. The must-try from here is the Macadamia nut dipped in chocolate, a lovely rich dessert that’ll give you a fun crunch as it melts right on your tongue. 

Trailblazer Tavern – San Francisco 

You’d think this fun, hip bar would fit right into the beating heart of L.A., but this next 5-star restaurant actually resides deep in the winding jungle of San Francisco, making it a must-see for any tourists in the area

 This lovely tavern offers a great mix of atmosphere and food, their signature being taking classic Hawaiian dishes and preparing them with Asian influences, simultaneously offering fun American classics with a twist. 

The must-try here are their Ahi tuna with fried wonton nachos, the crunchy starter adding a new wrinkle in the classic bar snack as well as the classic Asian dish, letting this eatery earn the name trailblazer in every sense of the word. 

The Fat Duck Restaurant – UK 

If you find yourself taking a hop across the pond, make sure to check out this last 5-star restaurant that’ll change the way you look at cooking & food. The unique culinary techniques crafted by Chef Heston Blumenthal will have you back for seconds in no time. 

This contemporary restaurant is housed in a 16th-century cottage that was renovated to offer the most rustic & charming feel. This rustic feel pairs extremely well with the experimental cooking techniques the chefs use, including multi-sensory cooking, food pairing, and flavor encapsulation. 

The restaurant is known for its fourteen-course tasting menu (so come hungry) that holds a variety of fun, new foods for you to try. A must-have here is the turtle soup, which emulates an Alice in Wonderland theme, giving both of these old classics a new spin that will send heads rolling. 

Have any other amazing 5-star restaurants we have to try? Drop them below in the comments so we can keep digging in! 

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