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What There is to Learn in Lunar Strategy’s New Marketing Academy

Marketers today know that the internet constantly evolves, requiring that they keep up with all the changes. The natural growth of the World Wide Web from Web1 to Web2, and Web3, means marketers need to understand the opportunities presented by each change using new marketing strategies and tools.

During the early stages of the internet, digital marketing remained rudimentary. The digital marketing explosion occurred at Web2, enhanced by the growth of social media platforms and data collection, which they share with advertisers. During this period, marketers concentrated on improving the front end of the internet.

Changes brought by Web3 will mean changes in the way owners control data. Its focus will be on community marketing, becoming more sophisticated as it uses NFTs, decentralization, AI, and tokens.  

Lunar Strategy is a Lisbon-based Web3-focused marketing company founded by Tim Haldorsson. The team at the agency has a mission – they create and improve Web3 marketing strategies, focusing strongly on community growth as demanded by the growing number of crypto and NFT projects.

Launching the Lunar Academy

The team of 18 people at Lunar Strategy has years of experience in the crypto industry and has played a noteworthy role in growing it. Their online course, Lunar Academy, is launching soon to help marketers understand what happens backstage at one of the foremost Web3 marketing agencies.

As the team leader, Tim Haldorsson undertakes to explain the new strategies the Lunar Academy will teach, and the impact Web3 will have on marketers. He explains, “Web3 challenges marketers to move away from the traditional ways of marketing by embracing the new.” Haldorsson continues, “Our team has grown to 18 people working full time, all working with the mission of creating Web3-focused strategies to pass on to others.”

Understanding Web3

Since Web3 is a semantic web, it naturally enables efficient communication between humans and machines. Therefore, backend development is as vital as natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI).

Another characteristic is the ubiquitous nature of the new web, making the Internet of Things (IoT) possible. Additionally, three-dimensional design paves the way for better designs using virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and other 3D product visualizations.

Blockchain is the principal mover of Web3 since it allows for an open ecosystem for a trustworthy and transparent web. Finally, this decentralization reduces the risk of server failures, reduces the risk of data theft, and increases data ownership.

Beating the challenges of acquiring and retaining customers with Web3 marketing requires understanding Web3. In addition, greater data privacy means marketers must find creative and transparent ways of obtaining data.

Growing distrust of how brands use data today has increased the focus on building engaged communities that will willingly impart their data. Many of these will also willingly become advocates for brands. Furthermore, content creators will have more control, creating new revenue models.

Learning the Lunar Marketing Way for Web3

There is no space in the marketing world for being outdated, and that’s why Lunar Strategy is ready to launch its online Lunar Academy. But, first, they need to become comfortable working with all the trends to incorporate them into the marketing strategies when required.

These include understanding 3D assets and the importance of NFTs to a content creation strategy. In addition, NFTs can help increase brand awareness, create novel user experiences, and increase brand loyalty.

Recently, Lunar Strategy released its own NFT collection on the Open Sea NFT marketplace. The release was an obvious strategy for the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and NFT marketing agency. Essentially it is the best way to show the world their work at Lunar Strategy.

 “Each NFT has one month of relevant services, but we’ve also created a rogue’s gallery featuring our key team members as artworks,” says Haldorsson. He continues, “Although, we should probably say you don’t actually get to own the team.”

Bottom Line

Learning about Web3 marketing is the new frontier, and anyone who wants to remain abreast with developments needs to understand it. Forward-thinking marketers today want to embrace the concepts behind the exciting new digital world. Lunar Strategy, the top blockchain technology company, is ready to share the knowledge it has acquired as it develops new marketing industry standards. 

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