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As fast as 2022 came, so quickly did it bring changes in the design of the user interface. Check out the latest trends in UI design in 2022.

UI Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

The world is always moving forward, so you always need to adapt to changes. And this applies to all spheres of life, especially design because due to quarantine conditions, people have switched to the “online life” mode. As fast as 2022 came, so quickly did it bring changes in the design of the user interface. Some trends have persisted from previous years, and some trends are completely new to web and app designers. In this article, we want to introduce you to the UI trends 2022. Read carefully and stay up to date with all the latest trends in designing the user interface.

List Of UI Trends You Have To Be Acquainted With In 2022

If we turn our attention to the past 2021 year, we will notice that 3D elements, minimalism, blur effects, neomorphism, dark mode, and other trends are left behind. Some of them have their continuation or modification, and others are just considered outdated. And if you want your site or app to be in demand from users, it’s best to start implementing new UI trends now. Have a deep look at the following tendencies and be in a leading position in the online market. 


Designers will be shocked to see the brutality among this year’s UI trends. The fact is that in 2021, there was great attention paid to minimalism and brutalism seemed to be outdated. But who could predict that contrastive colors, real photos, flat and clear lines would be popular again? Although this design is a bit difficult to implement, you can be confident to apply it to your projects in 2022. 

Typography Without Rules

In 2022, total freedom is given to typography in UI trends. You can do whatever you want with the text on your interface. The wilder it looks, the better. You can feel free to use different fonts, textures, photos, emojis, and grids. It takes a lot of imagination and wild creativity to play with the texts. Although this trend is popular, more attention should be dedicated to the comfort of text perception. No doubt that extraordinary typography will stand out in your design, but the question is how comfortable it is to read for the users. Experiment with the texts but combine them with readability. 


A very popular trend among UI design tendencies is glassmorphism. The main purpose of this direction is to accent dark or light objects located on a colorful background. However, the background remains blurred, giving the effect of glass. To achieve the effect of glassmorphism in web or app design, you need to use bright colors, transparency, and shadows. By adding a blurred background to your project, you create a picture of three-dimensional space in which the main objects are clear, and everything else is blurred, as if in the glass. In glassmorphism, it is important to use a multi-layered concept making accents on different objects. This modern approach is actively used in Windows 11 and Mac. 


Along with the glassmorphism, claymorphism appears in all its glory. This is a completely new trend in 3D graphics, which continues the theme of neomorphism in UI trends. If you need to soften your figure and add fluff to it, then you should get acquainted with the technique of claymorphism. The main effect of this trend is achieved through the implementation of outer and inner shadows. In claymorphism, your figurines will look like they are made of clay. They will not have sharp edges or flat images. Signs of its trend are depth and fluff. When using claymorphism, it is also important to pay attention to the color scheme. Here you also need to build images on contrasting colors. If we talk about the dark mode, it can be achieved if the objects themselves are not completely black. 

Text Scrolling 

You can draw attention to your brand by scrolling the text. Use one short sentence or a phrase and make it dynamic. Place large text on one page and scroll it. It would seem that this technique is so easy to perform, but it will be of interest to users. When doing text scrolling, make it slow, because the main feature of a good text is its readability. Do not include links and other important elements in this text as it is moving and users will not be able to click on them. 

Images-Free Landing Pages

Do you think it is crazy to introduce your brand with no images on the landing page of your website or app? Yes, it is. But it is one of the leading UI trends in 2022. Don’t be afraid that your page will be empty or your users will not understand it. You can design a home page with just brutal typography and other interactions. 


As the fashion for environmentally friendly products continues to grow, it applies not only to the product market but also to design. And the fact that you implement eco elements in your design will only increase the reader’s interest. When building eco style in design, your goal is to use the space of your website or app economically. Gray color palettes are usually used here, which remind us of recycled paper. Contrast, minimalism, and little text are just what can be attributed to eco-design. 

Neon Theme 

With the advent of Metaverses and the development of virtual reality, the neon theme in Ui trends remains popular. Neon elements, holograms, imagery, and vivid colors transfer users to other dimensions of reality. Such futurism is widely used for websites or apps where users buy cryptocurrency. But you can apply this trend to any type of website and it will make your brand exceptional.

Last Words About UI Trends In 2022

It is easy to see that UI trends of this year require creativity and bold decisions from designers. This year, the trend is not only to highlight details to capture attention, but also the minimum number of elements for this. Whether you use claymorphism or brutalism, or any other popular trend, make sure that it is readable and easy to perceive.

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