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Here are the offerings that Hulu's bringing this year. Be sure to mark your calendar for them because you don’t want to miss these new Hulu series in 2020.

What’s new on Hulu in 2020: All the can’t-miss offerings

Netflix and other such streaming services usually get the lion’s share of attention. Don’t forget, however, about Hulu. At times, Hulu definitely feels like the little engine that could, even though it hosts ongoing and past series for a lot of networks along with its own content. The original Hulu content is not that bad either.

So if you want to shell out the cheaper price for ads, here are the offerings that Hulu will give the world in 2020. Be sure to mark your calendar for them because you don’t want to miss these Hulu series in 2020. 

High Fidelity

Based on the Nick Hornby novel and the 1995 film of the same name, High Fidelity revitalizes the story by casting Zoë Kravitz as cynical record store owner Rob. Set in Brooklyn, audiences follow the constantly unlucky in love Rob as she winds her way through her “Desert Island Top 5 Break-Ups” in order to figure out where her relationships go wrong. 

High Fidelity is already available on Hulu. It is a delight and definitely shows Kravitz as a tour de force in her own right, striking just the right balance of sarcastic and vulnerable for Rob. Add in a charming supporting cast and a fresh update to the material? Yes, this is just what you need for those romance blues. 

Little Fires Everywhere

Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon star in this limited series drama based on the 2017 novel of the same name by Celeste Ng. Little Fires Everywhere follows the Richardson family who meets a single mother and her daughter that upend their lives. Witherspoon stars as matriarch Elena Richardson and Washington stars as single mom Mia Warren. 

According to the Hulu press site, Little Fires Everywhere explores “the weight of secrets, the nature of art and identity, the ferocious pull of motherhood – and the danger in believing that following the rules can avert disaster.” 

So if that description and the trailers get your interest up, then be sure to check out Little Fires Everywhere on March 18. 


If you missed Parasite, the Korean-language film that won all the awards, in theatres, then be sure to head over to Hulu in April to check out the movie. That’s right the Bong Joon-ho film will exclusively stream with Hulu in the U.S. come April 2020. This is due to the streaming right exclusivity that Hulu has with Parasite’s U.S. distributor Neon. 

Parasite explores the class differences and the, well, parasitic relationship between the wealthy Park family and destitute Kim family in South Korea. That’s all we’re giving you in terms of a synopsis because Parasite needs to be seen to be believed. 


Disney+ may be bringing you all the big names in the MCU, but Hulu has its own 2020 live-action Marvel series to offer as well. Helstrom follows siblings Daimon (Tom Austen) and Ana (Sydney Lemmon) Helstrom, who both have a prolific serial killer as a father. Together, they hope to save people from evil with Daimon helping to fight mystical demons while Ana tackles the all too human ones.

The series was part of a new planned franchise under Marvel Television known as “Adventure into Fear”, but was cancelled when Marvel Television was folded into Marvel Studios. Currently, Helstrom will have only one season and will last 10 episodes. Who knows if this project will last past one season? 

Love, Victor 

Wait? Love, Victor? What’s that? Well, that’s the sequel series to 2018’s Love, Simon that was being developed for Disney+. Except now, however, the series has been moved to Hulu and rebranded as Love, Victor

Why has that happened? Well, according to TVLine, it’s due to “mature themes, from drinking to sexual exploration” that felt like it wasn’t in line with the family-friendly image of Disney+. 

We’re side-eyeing this a little bit. It’s like when Fox gave Glee a warning for when any of the same sex couples got in situations. At least expect more Love, Victor as rumor has it that a season two writers’ room is well underway so clearly Disney is going all-in on this Hulu project. The series has no release date, but a date is being eyed for Spring 2020 or Summer 2020.

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