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Currently Twitter is one of the best places for people to share their thoughts and opinions. Here's how you can promote your website.

5 Ways to Promote Your Website on Twitter

Currently Twitter is one of the best places for people to share their thoughts and opinions. With a user base of around 320 million, Twitter has become a battleground for marketers trying to promote their brands online. It doesn’t matter if you are a CEO of a multinational or a small online marketer promoting his website, you are more likely to work with Twitter to promote your brand. But to do so, you will need tons of Twitter followers that will help you get more Twitter retweets to achieve your marketing goals. 

People think that you can simply increase Twitter followers but what they don’t know is that these followers are most probably “dead” followers which means they won’t engage with your tweets and result in poor promotion of your website. So if you are new to Twitter, here are 5 tools like UseViral that will help you promote your website on Twitter.

Twitter cards

The best way to promote something is by standing out and Twitter cards are a nice and easy way to do that. Twitter cards are customizable graphic units that will help you in promoting your website or a mobile app. 

All you need to do is set up your website to make sure that when people share your tweet, the card you set up shows in the tweet they share. Currently Twitter has support for four Twitter cards that enhances the user experience and drives more traffic to your website. These 4 cards are:

  • Summary card

The summary card contains the title, description and thumbnail, and can be used for blog posts, product pages or any business news you want to promote.

  • Summary card with large image

Just like the summary card it also contains the title, description and thumbnail but in this one you can use a bigger thumbnail with a max resolution of 280 x 150 pixels.

  • App card

App cards, as the name suggests, provide a link to download mobile apps which is a nice way to promote the app and increase installs.

  • Player card

Player card is a nice way to use media in your tweets, it can be audio, video or a simple image.

Now you are ready to integrate your tweets with Twitter cards and increase your website’s traffic in no time.

Engage with popular influencers

Engaging with influencers not only helps in raking in more followers but also increases the daily traffic to your website. Before engaging with an influencer make sure that your content is relevant to his audience. You can tag them in your tweet or ask them for a shout out on Twitter. You can also collaborate with other brands through this method both the parties will benefit from each other’s audience and experience a surge in website traffic in no time. 

If you are worried about finding an influencer then you can always google your niche and google will help you find an influencer relevant to your field in no time. Remember to be polite and ask nicely as they are doing you a big favour.

Use Hashtags properly

Hashtags are a nice way to build your brand and promote it to a larger audience without a sweat. You can piggyback on the popularity of trending hashtags or you can make one yourself to promote anything you want. Before adding hashtags to your tweets there are somethings that you should remember, like:

  • Don’t use irrelevant hashtags just because they are in trend.
  • Create hashtags that are short and unique.
  • Use 1 to 3 hashtags only.

Now that you know all about hashtags it’s time you start using them in your tweets to get more Twitter retweets without the need to buy Twitter followers.

Install a click to tweet plugin

A click to tweet plugin is a nice and easy way to get more Twitter retweets and promote your website in no time. The plugin automatically adds a link back to your post when a user clicks to tweet. 

You can customize it with some extra parameters that will allow you to perform certain functions like highlighting a specific part of the tweet, redirect the user to your website, take the user to your Twitter profile, etc. There are a number of plugins that you can choose from but after setting them all up you are now ready to get retweets easily without any hassle. 

Use Twitter ads

Twitter ads help you get your message across a wide range of users. You can promote anything ranging from your products and services to brand websites. When you use Twitter ads, all the users interact with the promoted tweets as they interact with organic content and the best part is you only need to pay when your advertising objective is complete. 

You can also modify Twitter ads to target a particular kind of user which results in more traffic to your website and easy brand recognition. If you are looking for ways to expand your business and increase website visits then Twitter ads is the perfect way to do so.

Twitter marketing is not only based on the number of followers you have but also on the impressions they make. So by using the above mentioned tips you will be attracting tons of Twitter users to your website increasing its current traffic at an explosive rate.

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