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The Trading Analyst review: what experts think about it and how it works

An investor’s ability to stay on top of the financial landscape in today’s fast-paced environment is essential. One way to achieve this is by subscribing to an alerts service that offers expert analysis and timely market insights. The Trading Analyst is one such service that provides options trading alerts through SMS. This article presents The Trading Analyst review delivered by Traders Union. It includes the benefits and drawbacks of this service and helps you determine if it’s the right investment strategy for you.

Understanding The Trading Analyst

The Trading Analyst offers an options alert service that caters to beginners seeking well-informed trading choices at reasonable prices. Subscribers receive real-time text message alerts with clear signals and precise pricing. The service notifies traders when it takes on or exits a position, ensuring no trading opportunities are missed. In addition, The Trading Analyst provides access to educational resources, making it a comprehensive service for novice traders.

There are several ways to generate option alerts, such as through algorithms, expert traders, or integrating trading platforms. Regardless of the method used, the goal is to provide traders with valuable information to make informed decisions and potentially gain an edge in the market.

Using Option Alerts Effectively

To make the most of option alerts, TU experts recommend to follow these steps:

  1. Research and choose a reliable options trading alert service based on factors like reliability, accuracy, customer support, and cost.
  2. Sign up for the subscription service, considering free trial periods or monthly/annual fees.
  3. Decide how you want to receive alerts, whether through your broker, email, text messages, or push notifications.
  4. Start receiving alerts and consider keeping your trading platform and alert service open simultaneously for maximum efficiency.

Reviewing The Trading Analyst’s Features

Traders Union analysts found out that The Trading Analyst offers several unique and useful features:

  1. Real-time trading alerts via SMS: Traders receive timely notifications of potential opportunities, which is particularly beneficial in fast-moving markets.
  2. Real-time portfolio tracker: The service provides a detailed view of a trader’s portfolio performance, enabling adjustments to trading strategies.
  3. Educational database: Novice traders can access a wealth of insights into the options trading market, including strategies, market trend analysis, and risk management tips.
  4. 2-5 real-time trade alerts per week: The Trading Analyst generates a manageable number of alerts, allowing traders to focus on the most promising trades.
  5. Profitable trading record: With a 53.3% win rate and a profit factor of 1.67, The Trading Analyst has proven to be potentially profitable for traders.
  6. Weekly trading report: Exclusive to members, this report provides valuable insights into the options trading market and keeps subscribers informed.

Is The Trading Analyst the Best Option Signal Provider for You?

When choosing an option signal provider, TU experts recommend to consider performance record, signaling methods, trading strategy, and educational resources. The Trading Analyst excels in these areas:

  1. Transparent performance record: With consistent returns over time, The Trading Analyst has consistently outperformed the market by over 20% and boasts a strong win rate.
  2. Consistent alerts and signals: Real-time text alerts with clear BUY and SELL signals ensure traders don’t miss out on opportunities, and the frequency of alerts is manageable.
  3. Proven trading strategy: The Trading Analyst employs a clear, defined, and flexible strategy focused on risk management, making it easy for traders to follow.
  4. Educational material: In addition to effective alerts, The Trading Analyst offers a wealth of educational resources to enhance traders’ knowledge and decision-making process.


In conclusion, The Trading Analyst alerts service provides valuable benefits such as real-time trading alerts, a real-time portfolio tracker, educational resources, and a profitable trading record. It offers a transparent performance record, consistent alerts, a proven trading strategy, and educational materials to support traders at all levels. Experts at Traders Union advise traders to consider these factors to determine if The Trading Analyst is the right option signal provider for you.

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