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The Top 3 Best Technical Writing Certification In 2023

If you don’t keep advancing your skills as a technical writer, eventually your competitors will surpass you. Completing a trustworthy, specialized composition certification course will help you stay on top of your game.

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There are a few conceivable outcomes for specialized communicators to seek after ongoing education and preparation. There’s a specialized composing certification program for everybody, whether you’re a newbie or an experienced essayist looking to develop your career.

In this post, we’ll analyze a few of the best technical writing certification courses accessible in 2023 to help you choose the ideal one.

What is a technical writing certification?

A technical writing certification demonstrates your ability to communicate extremely complicated information in a focused manner using clear, organized writing. After passing the final test and the technical writing courses, you typically receive the certificate.

Technical writing could be a sort of specialized communication that’s utilized in businesses like computer program building, pharmaceuticals, maintenance, etc. The fundamental tenet for technical communicators and other technical writing experts is that it depends on utilizing clear language to communicate otherwise highly technical material.

There are many different kinds and styles of technical writing, including but not limited to:

  • Documentation for software
  • Guide for Users
  • Monetary reports
  • Written in white

What is a technical writing certification?

Action plan

Of course, the objectives of various technical papers vary (for example, describing a software product’s usability or providing set-up instructions to a group of engineers). The intended audience also affects the tone, word choice, and informational richness.

One of the few things that sets technical documentation apart from most other types is its organization.

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The specialized composition may be a satisfying calling. Specialized journalists right now earn an average of $76,860 per year within the US, according to the Bureau of Work Measurements. This can be the ideal career route for you if you love conveying technical material, have a talent for organized writing, and are enthusiastic about a technical subject.

Top 3 Options for Technical Writing Certification

The mechanical field is continually in require of improvement. You’ll find a ton of specialized composing courses and certificate programs that are custom fitted to your needs, whether you’ve been within the diversion for a whereas and need to encourage sharpening your abilities or are far getting begun.

The following eight technical writing certificate programs have been narrowed down after the assessment of numerous others.

1. Technical Writer HQ’s Technical Writing Certification Program

The hub for all things technical writing is called Technical Writer HQ. They offer direction on planning specialized documentation, planning APIs, conducting interviews, and making a résumé for specialized writers.

The trade gives the well-known Specialized Author Certification Program.

In IT businesses, this is often the foremost later preparation for specialized composing. They cover a wide extend of points, counting overseeing the archive advancement lifecycle and working with item directors, engineers, and architects. Here is the most current course review:

I completed Josh’s course, completed the capstone assignment, and in August I received my certification. I recently received a $150k annual salary job offer from Amazon as a Technical Writer! When they requested writing examples, I submitted my capstone project. (Henry Fuse)

A well-known certification that can help people advance in their professions and get technical employment is the Technical Course Certification Course. Just a handful of the topics covered in the certification course are as follows:

How to Put Technical Responsibilities into Practice
How to Characterize the Reason and Scope of Your Documentation

  • Understanding Your Audience
  • How to Make an API FAQ
  • White Paper Composing Techniques
  • Writing Instruction Manuals
  • Case Consider Composing Techniques
  • Answers to 50 Meeting Questions

Josh Fechter, the creator of the writing program Squibler, created the course. He has written software tutorials, manuals, handbooks, and white papers for more than 10 years. The technical teams at Facebook and LinkedIn, Reuters, Inc., and Forbes have all commended his work.

How much does Technical Writer HQ’s one-week technical writer program cost?

For $299, Specialized Composing HQ offers a riches of devices, counting assignments, down-to-earth workouts, and video content.

Who Ought to Take the One Week Certification in Specialized Writing?

For scholars who are uncertain of where to start in their specialized composing careers, this certification is amazing. Together with valuable tips that go past essentially ordinary composing, you’ll pick up a helpful 360-degree diagram of technical writing.

You will moreover learn how to communicate with engineers and engineers, which may be an aptitude each essayist ought to have.

Technical Writer HQ’s UX Certification Course

You may unleash your UX writing talents and develop into a skilled UX writer with the aid of Technical Writer HQ’s UX Writing Course. This course will instruct you on the nuts and bolts of UX composing, how to select the voice and tone of your fabric, and how to ace the craftsmanship of making microcopies.

Additionally, this UX composing course offers a guide for anybody who needs to succeed in their work as a UX author. In conjunction with picking up the fundamental abilities, you too construct a strong portfolio of your UX composing as you work through the course materials in profundity. Additionally, you will master the abilities necessary to create discussion chatbots and even the techniques for content design. This UX writer course will teach you the following things:

  • Audience research
  • Content of Style Guide
  • Myths of content design
  • Information architecture in the process of creating UX content
  • Making microcopies funny
  • UX writing collaboration
  • Creating a writing portfolio for UX
  • Resume of a UX writer optimizing
  • Advice for answering interview questions about UX writers

Therefore, even if you’re just beginning your UX writing career, our beginner-friendly top-rated UX writing certification course is a wonderful alternative for you to learn UX writing techniques so you may advance and pursue your UX writing career objectives more quickly.

Additionally, you will receive a professional UX writing certificate upon completion of the course, which you may use to enhance the value of your UX writer CV.Don’t forget to look at the extra benefits of taking this advanced UX authoring course as well.

What is the price of the UX Writing Certification?

For a one-time fee of only $499, you may get lifelong access to the comprehensive course materials.

Who Should Take the Certification in UX Writing Course?

For people who are inquisitive to memorize almost UX writing and need to start their careers in this quickly extending and in-demand range, this progressed video course is a perfect choice. This UX composing course will educate you on everything you wish to know from A to Z to gotten to be a gifted client involvement writer, even in case you’ve got no earlier involvement or skill and are uncertain where to start.

3. STC-accredited Certified Professional Technical Communicator (CPTC)

Specialized journalists, editors, directors, and other specialized communicators have a place in the Society for Specialized Communication (STC), a proficient association. Through an assortment of specialized composing programs, the STC points to encourage the improvement of specialized communication.

To do this, the organization provides networking opportunities, challenging online courses, and a degree program called “Certified Professional Technical Communicator (CPTC).” The CPTC may be a well-regarded certification that carries weight within the specialized composing segment. The program is divided into the following 3 stages, each of which must be completed to advance to the next:

The first-tier foundation is for novices. The achievement of this certification appears that the proficiency contains a strong understanding of specialized communication concepts.

This is the next phase of your CPTC journey, practitioner. Holders of the Practitioner certificate demonstrate a high level of skill in using the best methods for technical communication. The epitome of a technical communicator’s high level of experience is the word “expert.” The evaluation is based on particular interviews and work-related materials. The STC has yet to reveal the exam date for this tier.

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You must join the STC as well to begin working with the CPTC. The STC moreover gives an expansive number of online courses, each of which awards certificate holders proceeding instruction focuses (CEPs).

In conclusion, the CPTC could be an incredible alternative if you’re looking for a respectable program with a course for steady movement.

How much does certification from the Society for Technical Communication cost?

For STC members, the foundation certificate costs $260, while it costs $515 for nonmembers. For STC members, the practitioner certificate costs $410, while it costs $615 for nonmembers.

Who Should Examine for a Certification from the Society for Technical Communication?

Getting the establishment certificate is a fabulous strategy to set up oneself as a qualified specialized author on the off chance that you’re serious about your work. Taking after that, you just can boost your polished skill with professional and master accreditations, depending on your requests.


Are certificates in technical writing worth it?

With a qualification, it is considerably simpler for both novice and seasoned technical writers to find new career chances.

How can I become a technical writer who is certified?

By taking one of the available certification examinations, you may get your accreditation as a writer. Your aspirations as a writer will determine whatever certification exam you take.

What are the prices of technical writing certifications?

Technical writing certifications can range in price from $79 to $2,399 for full career-building qualifications, depending on the platform. The number of technical writing abilities, the platform itself, and specialization are a few factors that affect the price.

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