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I set myself the challenge to use TSL 360 every day for 5 days to kickstart my screenwriting ambitions. What a week it turned out to be.

Let's talk about the history of film and gain some perspective on the ways stories have been told visually over the last century.

We’re about to teach you the holy grail of productivity tricks. Yes, you can achieve your goals – but it might just take a bit more time than

So you wanna be a film writer – good for you! We do too, that’s why we work for Film Daily, duh! Be sure to follow this structure

You’ve got a great idea and know how to write it but what can you do with it? Learn everything you need to know with our handy guide

FADE OUT. You’ve just typed these two magical words at the end of your screenplay weeks, months, even years after starting. Your first draft is ready but, as all