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Writing easy-to-understand technical content is no mean feat!

Pick up any IT book, and your mind will start to switch off before even passing the first couple of lines. Being highly technical, this industry has earned itself a name for being dry. However, good communication with other non-industry experts is still possible with effective technical writing. Here’s how.

Technical writing involves tracking complicated SaaS and big data topics and turning this information into beneficial assets that people comprehend and engage with.

What is technical writing?

In simple terms, technical writing communicates complex topics making them easy to understand. It is a common phenomenon in the medical and tech fields, where everyday language is used to discuss technical issues allowing non-industry users to understand and apply software and products.

Marketers require expanded technical writing in more than just manuals and in-house documents. They use technical writing for digital assets, blog posts, and product descriptions. Following are tips on content formats that use technical writing:

  • Technical documents
  • Instruction manuals
  • Product descriptions
  • Executive research content and summaries
  • Technical reports
  • Need releases
  • Survey reports and
  • Tech case studies

Here’s a compilation of tips to help marketers take technical writing for their tech company to the next level.

Understand the audience

Often technical experts translate complex topics for non-industry experts, for instance, when a data security company explains security software to a financial institution. It is critical to remember that all readers do not belong to the technical niche. Hence tech writing must always begin with the basics before exploring technical aspects.

Understanding the reader’s audience will help technical writers to write at such a level that the readers can comprehend easily and also focus on the relevant details so the reader need not shift through information.

Use appropriate English and grammar

A technical writer needs to be equal parts a writer and an IT expert. A misspelling, punctuation error, or incorrect grammar will hamper the credibility of the writing. Though IT professionals have all the tech knowledge, they might need to improve their writing skills. Finding the right technical writing expert with the correct writing ability and IT experience is critical. It is important to ensure that the tech information is accessible for everyone to read and comprehend.

Simplify the message

One of the most challenging aspects of technical writing is to translate highly complex technical topics into layperson’s terms. Writing content full of technical terms and jargon will not be as effective as a document that is easy to read and comprehend. When it is understandable, it is more likely that the readers will remember the content.

Break up the text through visuals

Sometimes images and visuals are preferable over text. Pictures and videos are more appealing to the eye, break up large chunks of text and save space, and are easy to understand and remember. For instance, one diagram can explain paragraphs of complex texts.

When writing for technical purposes, a classic piece of advice is to be precise and clear about the point and to make the content evergreen. Technical writings are rarely breaking news. Try to avoid adding time-sensitive information.

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