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Bring your home into the future with these life changing smart devices. You'll wonder how you ever lived without them.

Turn your house into a smart home: All the devices you need to buy

2020 may have been a miserable year for a lot of us, but techies couldn’t have asked for a better time to be alive. Technology is at an apex in quantity & development, and there are more devices at our disposal now than ever before. 

Not only this, but also innovative technology for houses has never been more normalized. Gone are the days when computers were just for nerds, and now nearly every person on the planet is an arguable techie, with one of the most advanced pieces of technology ever made sitting right in their unwashed pockets. 

In fact, we can’t get enough of these little rectangles. They listen to us, we talk to them, and our relationships with our phones & devices are more intimate than those with many of the people in our lives. This connection is most especially evident in 2021, as many of us have used our devices for the majority of our social interactions in the past year.

While many of us fear the oncoming A.I. takeover ala Terminator, turning our phones off when we discuss privileged information, many are also ready to double down and fill our houses with more smart home devices (bring it on T-1000!). 

If you align with these fearless souls, then it’s time to fill your house with even more screens, and create an even more fine-tuned Black Mirror universe in your own home. Let’s take a look at the most innovative smart home devices to detail your home and make you the king of your cyberpunk castle.

Tempo Studio

If your local gym isn’t shut down, then you might just think wiping down a machine from the sweat of strangers takes your COVID-19 fatigue one step too far (you think?). Fortunately, there are plenty of virtual ways to get your work out on, and one of the best options being Tempo Studio.

Tempo Studio comes with weights, digital classes, and a big ol’ screen that houses your personal trainer inside. Work out with your new digital trainer and get swole when you add this new piece to your collection of smart home devices.

Nest Thermostat

Dads across the world will release an epic sigh of relief upon adding the Nest Thermostat to their list of smart home devices. Yes, bellows of “Who touched the thermostat?!” will no longer shake the very foundation of households with the groundbreaking new gadget.

Google’s new toy allows users to control the temperature of their homes from, you guessed it, their mobile devices. You needn’t be in the home to use it, so roommates on vacation no longer need to wonder if they’ll return to a fat heating bill when they leave the thermostat to their housemates. 

Tile Pro

Tile Pro is the perfect sister piece to the Nest Thermostat for those in search of a peaceful home via smart home devices. Nothing is more infuriating than trying to leave the house when you can’t find your keys. Everyone in the household is a target for the problem as shouts of “have you seen my keys?” target every inhabitant.

Tile Pro solves this issue, as the little smart squares attach to your keys, TV remote (like the tiny Fire Stick that disappears by the hour), or any item you can’t seem to keep your eyes on. You can track whatever’s attached to the Tile on your phone, and the Pro model has up to 400 feet of range! Your mantra of “phone, wallet, keys” may never be spoken again.

Smart phones and their related smart devices can make our lives a lot easier, and get us moving through our tasks faster throughout the day. Installing smart home devices can up your tech game and make your house the picture of advanced 2021 living. Just don’t forget your passwords.

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