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Bookmark Reservations.com for your next vacation

Whether you’re planning a honeymoon, work trip, luxury vacation, or a last minute getaway, you’ll want to use Reservations.com to book your next trip.

Bookmark Reservations.com for your next vacation

By now you’ll know that here at Film Daily we like to travel, anyone working towards a career in film or television will be used to clocking up those credit card bills and air miles. That’s why we were so happy to find out about Reservations.com and their innovative CEO Yatin Patel.

Whether you’re planning a honeymoon, work trip, luxury vacation, staycation or a last minute getaway here’s why you’ll want to use Reservations.com to book your next trip.

Their CEO really knows what he’s talking about

Yatin Patel who is the Reservations.com CEO and Co-Founder and is also a noted philanthropist. He was recently recognized at the 2019 Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business awards. As well being a serial successful web entrepreneur he’s also a designer, founder and investor. He’s worked on numerous related projects such as HotelReservations.com, SelectCovers.com, HotelSavings.com and iOutdoor.com

He holds a Master’s Degrees in Industrial Design ((National Institute of Design- India), a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering (Gujarat University-India) and ongoing Executive MBA from Harvard Business School. Our only question is, what can he do?

They’ve got the awards to show us they’re the best in the biz

Reservations.com has also been recognized for their excellence and was awarded  a 2019 Central Florida Fast 50 award. That’s not all, Reservations.com currently holds a Great Place to Work® certification – the industry standard for high-trust, high-performance work cultures. Back in 2018 Reservations.com was awarded a Best in Biz award, and back in 2017 the cutting-edge company received the Bronze Stevie Award for best hospitality and leisure website. 

They’re constantly growing which means better deals for you

Reservations.com has been cited as “America’s fastest growing travel platform” and a large part of that success comes down to the company culture that Yatin Patel has fostered. He’s shepherded his team towards creating an innovative, good value for money online platform that keeps their customers coming back and a workplace where staff members feel like they belong. 

It’s this secret sauce that helps the company continue to defy expectations, retain customers and dominate in a competitive market. What all this means for you the customer is that as Reservations.com grows they’ll be able to negotiate even better deals for you.

They put people front and center of everything they do

Reservations.com is one of the first websites of its kind to seamlessly integrate human aided AI into the customer experience. This means they use AI to scale their offer but never forget the value of human interaction. Their goal is “to provide all travelers with personalized experiential travel planning”.

This company is dedicated to its people, whether it be their customers, their staff or their partners. 

It’s easy to use

Reservations.com has been expertly designed with the customer in mind. It’s clear UX, easy to navigate functionality and fuss-free check out process will help you make your vacation plans quickly so all you need to worry about is what to pack.

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