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Social media can help you promote other social media pages. Find out how to promote your Facebook page on Instagram.

5 ways to promote your Facebook page on Instagram

Social media makes up a major part of the internet today. A huge percentage of internet users are active on at least one social media platform. The number of total social media users worldwide is 3.96 billion. More than half of this figure is made up of Facebook and Instagram users. Hence, no surprise they are the favorites of marketers. 

Many also use one of them to promote the other one. Facebook is infamous for its adverse algorithms that can affect your profile or page’s reach. Facebook pages are the most important for Facebook marketing but their growth can halt because of the algorithms. To dodge this issue, here is how you can use Instagram to promote and grow your Facebook page.

Link Your Instagram Account To Your Facebook Page

Facebook has owned Instagram for quite a time now. Facebook also launched a complete integration between the two platforms to make things easier for everyone. To begin with, you have to link your Instagram account to your Facebook page. 

You can do so from the Settings tab of your page. There is an option for Instagram where you will find the option to Connect Your Account. Simply logging into your account from there would link it to your page. Cross-posting is the first advantage of doing so. You can post content seamlessly across both the platforms which boosts your performance.

Share Your Page Link In Bio

Your account’s bio is more important than what it might seem. It is what creates the first impression on anyone who visits your account. But it serves more purposes than just that. The bio is all about letting others know about you. 

Hence, you can use it to tell others about your Facebook page. All you have to do is simply copy-paste the link to your page in the bio. You can also add a little description along with it to make it more attractive. It will let your new audience know what the page is about. This is a simple and straightforward way of directing your Instagram traffic to your page.

Turn Your Posts Into Instagram Ads

This method is the perfect example of killing two birds with one stone. Due to the platform integration, you can use your page posts as ads on Instagram. Doing so will not only advertise your Instagram account but your Facebook page as well. You only need an Instagram account link to your page which we have described above. The whole process takes place inside the Ads Manager on Facebook. You have to go to “Create Ad” and then select “Boost Your Facebook Posts“. 

This will lead you to a drop-down menu where you can select any post. As some posts can not be shown on Instagram, you should check the option that filters out only the eligible posts. Lastly, you have to select the target audience and your budget. The post you chose will be shown to Instagram users and clicking on them would lead them directly to your page.

Run Same Ads On Both Platforms

Thanks to the integration between the two platforms, you can now opt to run your ads across both of them. You can create a campaign on Facebook and have it work perfectly across your IG account as well. 

Another benefit of doing ao is that you can manage all ads across the two platforms from one place. It has also proven to be more cost-effective. The whole process is done through Facebook’s ad manager as well. This method differs from the previous one exactly how ads differ from “boosted posts”. 

Engage With Both Audiences

Audience interaction and engagement is an integral part of marketing. It can grant you essential customer feedback and help with satisfaction & retention. One amazing benefit of linking your Facebook and Instagram is their unified inbox. You can choose to have a common inbox where you can manage all of your conversations across both the platforms. Thanks to this, there is no need of paying for any third-party tools that integrate inboxes.

To promote Facebook through Instagram, you first need enough Instagram audience. Without enough followers, there is not that much scope for development. To get more Facebook likes through Insta, you have to get more followers. 

There are many strategies that can help you. The easiest one is to get Instagram followers. The best and most trustworthy websites for this purpose are Viralyft,, ViewsExpert, and Follower Packages to name a few.


Instagram is known for its ease of use. That stands true from the perspective of both a user and a marketer. Their large user base, easy algorithms, and visual content exclusivity make Instagram a favorite for marketing. 

As Instagram is owned by Facebook, it is easy and convenient to take the benefits of both together for improved performance. With the 5 ways mentioned here, you can overcome the limitations of Facebook and take your page to the heights that you always wanted.

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