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A Facebook page can help your business. Here are some tips on how to promote your business page on the platform.

5 ways to promote your business page on Facebook

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world, seconded by no one. With immense popularity and an impossibly large user base, it is also the perfect website to grow your business through a Facebook page. 

A Facebook page allows you to connect and interact with anyone on Facebook, post status updates, post about offers and promotions, and showcase your business to the world. Even people who do not have a Facebook account can browse a part of your page without needing to sign-up first. Thus, an important step towards making your business famous is to increase Facebook engagement.

Most people simply start throwing around money to get Facebook likes. That is a perfectly acceptable strategy but by no means the sole one. Instead, we are going to share five clever ways to promote your business page that will get you maximum engagement and organic growth.

1. Build a base audience first

You have to start somewhere. And what better “somewhere” than your own family and friends? Dreams of a magical boost in popularity will only shatter with the harshness of reality. Instead, you should invite your friends and family to like, follow and share your Facebook page.

If you open your Facebook page, you will find an “Invite friends” option hidden in the overflow menu. Use that to your advantage. Your friends can give you that initial head start. Further, you can find out which of your posts receive maximum engagement, ask your friends what they would want you to post about, and conduct basic market research. That way, you will not be flying blind as your followers start to grow.

2. Offer promotions and host events

So, your business page is off to a great start? Great. Now is the time to hook more followers and keep the current ones. The easiest way of generating engagement is to get people talking about your page. They will automatically like, share, and follow your page.

To get them talking, offer promotions and discounts. Promise them some discounts on your products and services if they can generate enough shares and likes. Further, draw a random name once in a while from your followers’ list for a giveaway. 

Finally, host an event that people would love. It can be something as simple as a virtual concert. What is important is its relevance and engagement. 

3. Customer feedback needs to be shown off

Don’t shy away from sharing the positive feedback you get. If someone has posted a great review or messaged you saying that they liked your product, share it on your page. Bonus points if you tag the reviewer or the sender. Not only does this increase popularity and let people know that your services are great, but it also increases the visibility of your Facebook page. Further, it sends the idea that you take customer feedback seriously.

Note that this does not mean you should ignore negative feedback. That is even worse than not sharing positive reviews. Always respond quickly and respectfully to criticism. Apologize for their bad experience and promise to be better. These little things will go a long way in increasing engagement and popularity.

4. Engage

Above all, social media thrives on engagement and interaction. Staying in your isolated, placid corner will only send more turbulence your way. So, try to engage with other creators, businesses, influencers. Share their posts on your page, tag them, and appreciate whatever they have posted about. 

Next, collaborate with them for an event or something of the sort. This will benefit you both as followers from both accounts will discover both of your pages.

5. Engagement – part 2

The reason I am including a separate point for engagement is that influencers and businesses aren’t the only ones you should be interacting with. Even if a random individual leaves a comment on your post, interact with them. Respond with a few witty and humorous comments and let them know that their opinions are valued.

People love being in the spotlight. Replying to their comments is a sure-fire way of getting their attention and furthering your engagement game.

Bonus – provide helpful content

Every once in a while, don’t forget to share helpful tips and tricks related to your industry. You will be surprised at how much people share DIY and “hidden tricks” videos.


Promoting your business on social media platforms is necessary, especially in times such as today when most businesses are conducted digitally. 

If you have more tips and tricks about gaining popularity on Facebook, let us know in the comments below.

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