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Have you been interested in purchasing an outdoor TV? Here's everything you need to know before investing.

Save Money & Worry By Using A TV Enclosure For An Outdoor TV

Outdoor living is growing in popularity, not only for households, where more and more people are adding decks, patios, barbeque pits, and even swimming pools but also for commercial establishments, particularly those in the hospitality sector.

As more people frequently visit bars and pubs to watch sporting events with their friends across Europe, there is a clear need for outdoor TVs. However, there are several difficulties in setting up a screen outside for viewers, and there are other solutions for outdoor TV viewing. One of them is outdoor TV enclosures that allow the users to protect their LCD and Plasma TVs in outdoor areas. Buy a 75″ Outdoor TV Enclosure to keep your 75” TV protected from weather conditions. Keep reading this article to know more about outdoor TV enclosures!

Drawbacks Of Outdoor TVs

Outdoor TVs are a clear option, but even if they are resistant to weather and can tolerate being outside, they have some disadvantages.

  • First of all, since an outdoor TV is almost certainly going to be left unattended overnight, security is crucial, as is making sure that it won’t be broken by accident or vandals. Outdoor TVs frequently have shatterproof screens and are constructed of fairly durable polymers, but they are not equipped with any anti-theft or anti-vandalism features.
  • The second, and possibly most significant, the factor is the exorbitant cost of outdoor TVs. An outdoor screen will cost you significantly more than a regular device of comparable size, even one that is commercial-grade.
  • This high price tag is frequently too much, not only for homeowners but also frequently for landlords, bar owners, and publicans who frequently cannot justify the cost or anticipate a return on their investment.

Advantages Of Outdoor TV Enclosures

There is, however, a less expensive alternative that not only assures the outdoor screen is adequately protected against accidents, vandalism, and theft in addition to the weather, but also costs a fraction of the price of expensive outdoor and weatherproof TVs.

  • Outdoor TV enclosures are protected cabinets that can house almost any size, brand, or model of TV. These protective enclosures allow any ordinary gadget to be transported outside and to function in any weather situation. They are suitable for LCD, LED, and plasma TVs.
  • Outdoor TV enclosures are made to the same specifications as waterproof TVs (specifically, European IP65 or American NEMA 4) but offer even more thorough protection. They are waterproof and shielded from dust, rainfall, snow, and sleet.
  • Modern TV screens require the ideal environment, which is why the interior of a TV enclosure is created to do just that. In situations where excessively cold temperatures are a concern, heaters can be installed, and cooling fans are fitted to ensure heat transmission (Although outdoor TVs are less common in these places for obvious reasons, outdoor digital signage is used in these places and utilizes a similar TV enclosure technology).
  • Since outdoor TV enclosures are often made of a special blend of materials and can be safely bolted to walls or mounts, they are also resistant to theft and vandalism. 
  • The pricing is the main benefit of using an outdoor TV enclosure as opposed to a TV that is specifically designed for outdoor use. The combined cost of the TV enclosure and LCD TV is frequently significantly less than the cost of an equivalent-sized outdoor TV when a normal TV is used within the enclosure.

Wrapping Up!

In the end, we can say that as protection for an outdoor location is needed anyway, the need for buying an expensive outdoor TV system is reduced if an all-weather TV enclosure is used as any standard. This way, your LCD TV will be protected from the weather and environmental elements. So, if you don’t want to buy an expensive outdoor TV, simply buy an outdoor TV enclosure for your LCD TV.

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