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There are many different tools and ways for developing Microsoft Edge extensions. Here are the best solutions.

5 Best Solutions for Developing Browser Extensions For Microsoft Edge

In the latest Windows updates, the well-known Microsoft Corporation has decided to use the latest version of the Microsoft Edge browser, which is based on Chromium. This factor provides an interface that is close to the standards, in which users can implement additional extensions.

Chromium opens up a great opportunity for developers to create extensions and publish them on the Microsoft Edge store available to all users. 

So in this article, we will take a look at the best ways for developing extensions within the Microsoft Edge ecosystem.

Developing and Packaging a Custom Extension

There are many different tools and ways for developing Microsoft Edge extensions. The most widely used languages and tools are presented below. We will also pay attention to dealing with an Edge extension development company.

  1. React Developer Tools 

This is a Developer Tools add-on for the Microsoft Edge browser extension development. This software creates two new tabs called “Components” and “Profiler” in the Developer Tools tab.

This open-source program requires additional developer permission to access the page tree. The software makes it really easy to develop extensions for Edge browsers. The Components tab opens a new extension — it lets you find out if the extension contains React.js. Using this tab, a developer can record information about the performance of their extension.               

  1. Cookie Editor 

Every extension developer is closely related to and constantly works with cookies. Working with such files is greatly simplified by cookie-editor software, which is a powerful add-on that allows you to perform basic operations with files during the testing and development stages of extensions. 

This developer add-on has a simple, intuitive interface. Thanks to it you can easily manage cookies yourself. In addition, it allows you to create, modify and make adjustments to files without leaving the tab. With just one click, you can use this software to delete all cookies from the current page, and export or import them in text format.

  1. Python for Extensions Development

Developing extensions with the Python programming language is much easier than in C++ or others. Due to its dynamic nature, it’s easier in terms of understanding program code and distribution. To develop extensions this way, you need to have at least basic programming skills and a good knowledge of Python. 

Thanks to Python, it is possible to automate some of the extension’s workflows and, as a result, improve its overall performance. The developers are given full freedom of choice, they can create extensions for social networks, build truly secure password managers, add plugins for financial companies, and as well as provide buyers with software for online shopping.

Knowing the programming language, it is possible to control and understand all the work processes performed by the extension and make additional adjustments if necessary. If you’re wondering which language would be the best for developing extensions, then consider using Python.

  1. Node.js V8 Manager

The Node.js V8 Developer Tool is a special add-on that can be used in conjunction with the Developer Tools app inside the Microsoft Edge browser. This will optimize the development cycle of extensions. The tool gives the ability to control the full lifecycle of windows and tabs within Microsoft Edge, and this in turn opens up additional opportunities for code debugging, giving additional time to focus on code debugging. In addition, the add-on opens up a number of other possibilities for the developer. For example, the function of tracking remote code debugging services is now available. You can simultaneously manage the Developer Tools interface both manually and automatically.

As an alternative, Visual Studio Code, but this software has far fewer features and does not allow you to do what Node JS V8 allows. That is why this program is chosen by most developers around the globe. It makes it easy to automatically minimize and unfold Developer Tools inside Microsoft Edge during an active launch, and the integrated validation feature will allow URLs not to be copied and detected automatically during the launch cycle.  

  1. Software Companies

Applying to Edge extension development companies is a great solution when it comes to developing a technically complex extension. They not only take the project and bring it to completion but also answer all questions regarding the final result. Cooperation with such companies greatly simplifies the development of extensions for all existing browsers, including a standard for Windows Microsoft Edge. 

Turning to a software company is especially a good choice when you need to develop a truly complete software solution. For example, developing an extension like Grammarly on your own is an extremely difficult task. But with the help of experienced developers, creating such an extension will no longer be an unattainable goal. 

You can also engage a software company in development to improve the functionality of outdated enterprise extensions and plugins. 


Microsoft Edge Extension development tools are a useful option that every professional uses because it opens up access to easy solutions to various technical issues and simplifies the way to the end result. Some services have similar functionality, so you have to choose one or the other. 

The best option for novice developers is to try everything and decide which toolset is better to utilize in a project. Only on the basis of this it will be possible to draw an objective conclusion and decide which service can really be of use and is the most suitable for the tasks being performed, as well as the one that meets the developer’s personal preferences. 

So utilizing modern web development tools, developers can get personalized solutions for their business development. However, if you don’t have any experience in Windows Edge Extension development, you can contact some software companies to involve professionals.

Using the services of a trusted software company to develop Edge extension can greatly enhance the security of a final product as well as provide a guarantee of sustainable and stable development process.

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