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Coding, as many say, is not a one-time learning process. It constantly keeps on evolving and changing. Learn how crucial coding and programming are today.


The ever-growing advent of technology has revolutionized the entire world. Any field that we step in or even observe is deeply impacted by technology. Technology has made things easier, faster and better. Levels of efficiency have risen significantly, and work processes have been streamlined. Today, there’s a software-based solution for every problem. You name it, and you have a software solution for it. Coding forms the foundational basis of all the softwares that are developed & is an integral skill to learn these days. In fact, there’s a full-fledged industry that exists in the market today which only deals with softwares & software programming tutorials.

About Coding

Coding, as many say, is not a one-time learning process. It constantly keeps on evolving and changing. With new languages coming up, modifications being made, one must constantly remain in touch with coding & keep himself updated. There are several languages in which coding is done these days. These include Python, Dart, C, C++, Go Lang, etc. All these languages are some of the most prominent coding languages. 

While the names Python, Java, C are all quite common, Go Lang seems to be a new addition. Go is perceived by many as a more efficient and effective successor to C & C++. The language was developed by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson at Google. The reasons as to why it is considered better include the features of memory safety, garbage collection, structural typing, etc. Thus, despite being similar to C and C++ in terms of syntax, Go seems to be a better alternative. 

Software Programming Tutorials

Today, more and more people are willing to learn the various languages of coding. Traditional computer education does not emphasize much upon coding and programming & students usually have to rely on external sources. There exists a plethora of software programming tutorials that help learners acquire coding and its nuances. Platforms like Daily Coding and several others offer comprehensive courses on Coding. These include courses in Python, C++, C, Go Lang, etc. They offer tutorials on their website, YouTube on almost a daily basis. Also, these platforms provide you insights about the work and lifestyle of a coder and as to how they function. 

Other than companies, there exist several individuals who can teach you coding. These are the best minds in the industry who work as freelance coders, part-time educators & offer services to businesses. They have immense knowledge about the industry that includes not only coding but much more.

About Jennifer Kwentoh

Jennifer Kwentoh is a modern-day tech savvy who loves to code and program. She has reasonable experience in the field and is certainly one of the best. She has gone beyond the world of coding and now even deals in machine learning, artificial intelligence. These are all modern-day fields aimed at making human life easier. She not only knows about these things, but even develops them. What’s even more exciting to know is that she not only makes and develops content, but also shares it. 

Interested people can visit her website and get in touch with her regarding these subjects and topics. She shares quality & regular content on these above-mentioned subjects & can help you in picking up a skill or two. Also, you can connect with her across other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Jennifer provides both theoretical and practical wisdom through her content that includes articles, tutorials, etc. 

All in all, there exist multiple platforms for people to learn about programming, coding and much more.

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