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In some countries, VPNs aren't legal due to its use by hackers and criminals. Discover the benefits of using a VPN and why it's banned in multiple regions.

Is it Legal to Use a VPN?

The contemporary world has witnessed a new age in which crime has evolved with the advancements in technology that have seen the world use the Internet as a platform for committing crimes. As highlighted by different media outlets in informing the masses like the Forbes magazine, one of the major ways that have contributed to the increase of cybercrime activities is the introduction of VPNs into the world of the Internet. Virtual private networks are useful tools that hackers mostly use to gain unrestricted access to blocked information while at the same time maintaining an anonymous identity. Tracking an individual using a VPN is nearly impossible depending on the type of network the person is utilizing, making VPNs legal in some countries with a few regulations for how they can be used. In contrast, other places completely ban VPNs since it breaches many security protocols in these regions. Many people prefer VPNs due to the most enjoyed advantages of utilizing such networks. The following are the benefits of using VPNs enjoyed by hackers and contribute to why they are banned in most regions.

Internet Anonymity

A significant factor that has made VPNs become highly recognized among many Internet users is that VPNs hide the user IP addresses of the people accessing the Internet through a VPN. When using a VPN, you can choose different IP settings that will change your IP address to match the address of an entirely different location in the world, depending on the location of the servers. In most cases, people engaging in cybercrimes use VPNs while engaging in Internet criminal activities to hide their Internet browsing activities and their location once they attract the authorities’ attention and become tracked. In addition, the private details of your IP address are safely kept hidden when using VPNs, making it hard to be located when being tracked by any individual. According to Per-Erik Erikson, VPNs have brought a significant revolution in the world of browsing through hiding an Internet user. Hiding user IP addresses is one of the great reasons why using the tool has been banned in some regions.

Bandwidth and Data Throttling

In many instances, the Internet provider you are utilizing may not provide quick Internet services, whereas some providers will provide quick Internet access and some slow access to the Internet. Data and bandwidth throttling can present significant inconveniences, especially if handling a heavy task on the Internet. VPNs ensure users enjoy the best out of Internet browsing since they keep data secured, minimize data cap, and reduce bandwidth throttling. Bandwidth throttling often happens because website administration controls the websites. Virtual Private Networks provide Internet users with a solution to sluggish Internet. As such, VPNs are often highly regulated in some countries because they interfere with the Internet provider’s system of supplying the Internet, warranting a regulation on how users use the Internet, especially in the case of cybercrime.

Unblocks Internet Restrictions

Depending on the region you are accessing the Internet from, you may find that some contents in some websites are restricted from gaining access due to the site’s private regulation policies. Streaming services like Hulu, Tubi TV, and Netflix are banned in some regions, and the only way they can be accessed in these regions is through a virtual private network. VPNs can hide your IP address by having it appear like you are accessing the Internet from a different location in the world. Once your IP access reads a location where the restricted content allows access, you will gain access to the site and all the information. Some websites have sensitive information intended for a particular audience. Since VPNs allow people to penetrate the security measures of such sites, most regions prohibit the people in the areas from using such Internet tools when checking into the Internet.

However, despite VPNs being restricted in many regions, they are allowed in some areas for the benefits they provide different Internet users. There are many advantages of using VPNs, some of which are taken advantage of by cybercrime stalkers. Here are the benefits of using such networks if you have no cybercrime intentions.

Budget Convenient

Using the Internet is heavily burdened with the problem of data charges. It is not free to use the Internet, and most network providers charge heavily for the amount of data consumed in a particular period. The more data you utilize while browsing, the greater the charges paid for using the data. By employing VPNs, you can easily regulate the amount of data you are consuming with each second or minute. There are different types of VPNs, and the ones that provide quality services in managing data consumption are often priced. Going for a free VPN may sound like a smart idea, but there is no guarantee of receiving satisfactory results in saving data and the costs.

High Standard Security

Virtual Private Networks are highly preferred by different Internet users worldwide due to providing high Internet security while maintaining a hidden Internet presence. When working in an organization, home office, or a single rented office, your operations and work details can easily be accessed without proper protection services. VPNs provide users with encryption keys that can be remotely accessed, allowing only you to access those details. Without using a VPN, you stand the risk of having other users hack into your computer system through the Internet and gain sensitive information.


In summary, VPNs are legal to use in some areas, while some areas allow the use of VPNs under strict regulations, while some places completely ban the use of VPNs. Virtual Private Networks have plenty of advantages that cybercrime criminals and regular Internet users can take advantage of. Avoid pirating copyrighted content since it is illegal to avoid trouble with the authorities. Also, avoid market transactions in the black market since criminals often use the black market in dealing with shady deals, and you would not want to be mistaken for a criminal. Avoid hacking any unrestricted access to the Internet when using a VPN.

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