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Use a cell phone tracker to locate a target phone and monitor its activities without the user's knowledge.

In some countries, VPNs aren't legal due to its use by hackers and criminals. Discover the benefits of using a VPN and why it's banned in multiple regions.

Did hacker Adrian Lamo know too much? This unsolved murder occurred after Lamo was embroiled in the crimes of Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning.

Gary McKinnon is a Scottish hacker who is popularly known for conducting the biggest cyberattack in American military history ever. Where is he now?

‘Among Us’ has dealt with its fair share of hackers. Find out the best way to identify these hackers and ban them from your game.

Did that last game of 'Among Us' seems a little off to you? It's possible you were playing with a hacker. Here's how to spot them.