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The technology revolution isn't ending anytime soon. We get the feeling you’re eager to hear about the key iPhone 13 leaks! Get the latest news now!

What has leaked before Apple’s iPhone 13 launch?

Imagine talking to someone in the dark ages or Pre-Columbian America that you read entertainment articles on the Internet, or that you own an iPhone. They couldn’t even fathom such things, let alone a whole future full of them. Nevertheless, it’s our present. And it seems like the technology revolution will never come to an end. Where will we be with technology come the end of this decade? The thirties and forties? 

With the release of Apple’s new iPhone 13 series heavily suggested to come next month, we’ve got very little time until the launch. We get the feeling you’re eager to hear about the key iPhone 13 leaks! 

Rumors about the new iPhone 13 have been traveling all over the Internet and we have a clear picture of some specs of the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max and mini. From our search of information, we’ve earned a pretty clear perspective of the new iPhone 13 models. Here, you’ll find the rumors trimmed down succinctly. So what has leaked before Apple’s iPhone 13’s launch?

Release date

More than likely, the iPhone 13’s release will come in September of this year. It’s expected to arrive in stores by either the third or fourth Friday of the month (September 17 or 25). Prior to 2020, Apple used to announce their new iPhones on the first or second Tuesday of September. Analysts expect an announcement in the third week of September. 

iPhone 13 price

iPhone 13’s big price leak range tells us the upcoming models are congruent with the iPhone 12 price range. There is a chance prices will slightly increase this year which especially goes for people outside the United States. There’s rumors going around that much of the population will receive the mmWave 5G tech that US iPhone 12s already supports, raising the price in the process. 

One of Apple’s competitors is raising their prices thus Apple may feel obliged to do the same. But a “great change” isn’t being expected. 

The iPhone 12 mini cost $699 in the U.S. and £699 in the United Kingdom. The iPhone 12 was $799 in the U.S. as well as the United Kingdom. When it came to the Pro, Apple charged folks $999, and the Pro Max cost $1,099.


iPhone 13 design

The iPhone 13 family is largely expected to resemble their iPhone 12 relatives. But when it comes to this leak, there will be a few key differences that have been heard over and over again in discussions. We’ll have to wait for the launch to know for sure but we did find some nice details on the matter. 

One of iPhone 13’s greatest design leaks includes the CAD files showing a smaller notch. This edition will also have a diagonal camara layout. They appear to wear a gently larger build too which is likely there to accommodate the rumored larger batteries. 

iPhone 12 notch changes

The notch is sure to change with this generation of Apple handsets. It seems like they’re going to be shrinking a little bit. A smaller notch is likely the round they’ll go. One source said the face ID sensor has also been shrunk which would fit in with a smaller notch. 

There’s even been some leaked photos allegedly showing the screen glass for the iPhone 13 range which wore a visibly smaller notch, attained by moving the earpiece to the bezel above. 

Interestingly, a 3D-printed iPhone mock-up showed a smaller notch as well. To be more specific, the supposed notch here is 26.8mm wide (compared to 34.83mm on the iPhone 12), but it’s also 5.35mm deep. 

Tell us your most anticipated iPhone 13 leak!

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