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Maintaining your iPhone is important given how often you use it. Here are some tips on how to get quick and easy repair for iPhone damage.

This is why iPhone repair is recommended

As a pastime, as a means of maintaining contacts or as a rescue in an emergency, the cell phone has become one of the most important companions in our everyday lives over the past few years. It is all the more annoying when it breaks out of nowhere and it is also a not-so-cheap iPhone 12. Some may want to look for iPhone 12 repair while others may look to upgrade.

What is more worthwhile, the repair or waiting for the iPhone 13?

What can happen to the cell phone?

The list of things that can paralyze a cell phone is just as long as the list of the most absurd reasons for such damage.

A classic here is any damage that affects the display. This includes crack, which can cover the entire display like a spider web. The non-functioning of the touch function or the restriction of the visible screen can easily be caused by dropping or too much pressure.

However, replacing the display is quick and hassle-free. Flickering of the display is also frequently observed.

The rear camera is also very sensitive and is often damaged by drops. Replacing it is easier than it seems at first. It can get annoying in case of water damage. Here, the shock is usually even greater and if the cell phone still does not start after being pulled out of the liquid element, the fear grows all the more.

However, a professional can professionally unscrew the cell phone and dry it individually. This will allow all water, which causes temporary short circuits, to escape and get the phone working again in no time.

Batteries wear out over time. This is quite normal. Nevertheless, broken or weak batteries need to be replaced. While not as easy as it used to be, a professional can replace the battery in no time.

Repairs of this kind can be done personally at In addition, you can also send your cell phone there if you do not live in Berlin or the surrounding area. 

Therefore a repair is worthwhile itself

But can’t I just buy a new cell phone or wait for the next one? That’s better anyway… Sure, but also more expensive. Much more expensive!

Depending on the repair, repairs start at 50 euros and can of course cost much more. The iPhone 13, on the other hand, starts at 800 euros according to all estimates. The difference in minimum values is therefore 750 euros. Expensive fun to get around a repair.

Besides the financial aspect, the ecological point of view is also important to consider nowadays. Every cell phone consumes resources and so just the materials of the battery are limited on earth and become more and more rare. Due to the dwindling of lithium and cobalt, mankind is heading for a real battery crisis.

You also have to take into account that the iPhone 13 is not even on the market yet. If you absolutely want to buy a new cell phone, you only have the choice of an old model or living with an immense limitation until the next model comes on the market.

A repair can avoid both, is cheaper and more ecological.

When is it still advisable to buy a new one?

Not every cell phone can be saved. If central components of the device are so badly damaged that they can neither be saved nor replaced, sometimes you have no choice but to buy a new cell phone.

Even if this is the last and most unfavorable option in every respect.

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