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5 Differences Between Personal and Business Instagram Accounts

Instagram may have started as a simple photo/video sharing app, but it certainly has not aged that way. With time, it has evolved into a powerful and versatile social media platform suitable for individuals and businesses alike. Now, organic growth, more engagement, more likes and followers, etc. are an essential part of Instagram marketing. With time, several websites have sprung up that allow you to buy Instagram followers. The social media industry is, therefore, evolving rapidly. 

Initially, accounts on Instagram used to be just private and public. Now, there are further categories available. You can either start a personal account, a business account, or a creator account. Further, you can switch between these types as and when you please. Note that whatever account type you choose, you will always need more likes on Instagram posts. Also, the differences between business and creator accounts are negligible. Thus, in this article, we will focus on what differentiates personal and business accounts.

More ways to communicate

Business accounts allow you to make your company/business more accessible. That is, you can add your location, phone number, email address, and other relevant data that will appear as an action button on your profile. This allows visitors to connect with you with a single tap.

On the other hand, private accounts do not have this feature. Instagram limits this capability for personal accounts. You can only upload your name, bio, a website link, etc. while you are using a personal account.


Private accounts are those accounts whose posts are not visible to non-followers. If someone wishes to follow a private account, they will first have to send a request and the owner must accept that request before the posts and stories become visible.

On the other hand, you can choose to make your posts and stories public and then, anyone will be able to view them and start following you at the click of the button.

Note that basic data on your profile like name, bio, and profile picture are always public. Further, having a private or public account does not affect whether your account shows up if someone searches for your username.

The visibility of personal and business accounts differs. A personal account can be either public or private. However, business and creator accounts must be public. You will have to switch to a personal account first if you wish to keep your posts private.

Real-time analysis

If you are a business user, chances are that you need at least a basic analysis of your posts and engagement. These demographics and statistics allow you to find the best time for uploading, the most active section of your audience, and other important information. This “analysis” section is only accessible to business accounts. 

Going through Instagram Analytics will teach you a lot about your audience and analyse your Instagram Marketing. Thus, you will be able to adjust your content strategy and focus on what matters. Further, third-party tools can connect with your account to provide detailed analysis.

Some examples of these analytics include profile visits, your top posts & stories, impressions, the average percentage of IGTV videos watched, etc. These analytics are missing in personal accounts since most average users do not need them.

Instagram Shopping

If you are trying to run a store on Instagram, you can enable the shop button and upload your catalog. Your audience will be able to browse and shop your products right within the Instagram app. This is immensely helpful if you do not have the resources to set up your own ecommerce website. 

Further, you can tag your posts if they contain items from your catalog just like you tag other users. This will allow your audience to directly jump to the page where they can buy that item, streamlining the checkout process and increasing the chances of a sale.


Business accounts also have the added ability to boost your Instagram posts through Instagram ads. Using the Instagram ad manager, you can set a budget and promote your posts and Instagram is the best to promote your business and generate leads.

Instagram will automatically track your engagement and expenditure and adjust your advertisements for maximum reach within your budget.


Apart from the points mentioned above, there are a few extra perks available in Instagram creator accounts. Instagram added this option during the latter part of 2019. For a detailed comparison between the three account types, you can visit this page.

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