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Inside Blippi’s Incredible Wealth: Take a Look at His House, Cars, and Investments

Blippi, one of the most beloved people on the internet today, has achieved incredible success and amassed a Blippi Net Worth that would make anyone envious. With fame, however, comes a lot of curiosity about what exactly is in his impressive portfolio. Let’s take a deep dive into the wealth of this popular internet celebrity and find out what cars he owns, where he lives, and what investments he has made.

Blippi: what he does and how he became famous

For those unfamiliar, Blippi is the stage name of Stevin John, a popular internet personality and YouTuber who specializes in creating educational videos for children. Blippi’s fame began in 2014 when he released his first video on YouTube called “Go Potty!” and it quickly became an instant hit among young viewers. Since then, his videos have garnered over 6 billion views, making him one of the most watched YouTubers on the internet.

Blippi’s House: Where He Lives & What It Is Worth

Blippi currently resides in a spacious two-story home located in Washington state. The house was purchased for $2 million and features 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a gourmet kitchen, and a large outdoor pool. It also has views of the nearby lake and mountains that make it ideal for relaxing after a long day of filming videos. Blippi’s house is estimated to be worth $3 million today making it an extremely valuable asset to his portfolio.

Blippi’s Cars: What Does He Drive?

Blippi is known to drive some of the most luxurious cars on the market today. His collection includes a black Tesla Model X, a white Porsche Cayenne, and an Audi R8 V10 Plus. All three of these vehicles are worth well over $100,000 each and are sure to make any car enthusiast jealous.

Blippi: A look at his investment portfolio

Blippi is no stranger to making wise investments with his money. He often puts his earnings into stocks, real estate, and other investments that help him grow his Blippi Net Worth. Currently, he owns shares in several well-known companies such as Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon. In addition to this, he also owns a portfolio of rental properties located across the US.

Social Media Impact on Blippi’s Wealth

Blippi’s social media presence has undoubtedly contributed to his wealth. With over 28 million subscribers on YouTube, 8.5 million followers on Instagram, and 2.7 million followers on Facebook, Blippi continues to generate huge amounts of income from these platforms. In addition to this, he also earns money through brand endorsements and sponsorships which are becoming more and more lucrative as his reach continues to expand. All of these sources contribute significantly to Blippi’s overall wealth.

Tax Benefits of Being a Celebrity

As a celebrity, Blippi is able to take advantage of certain tax benefits that are not available to the average person. These can include deductions for travel expenses, entertainment costs, and other business-related activities. Additionally, celebrities can also benefit from lower tax rates on their investments such as capital gains and dividend income. All of these factors can help to reduce Blippi’s tax bill and increase his overall net worth.


Blippi has achieved incredible success and has amassed a massive fortune since becoming famous on the internet. From luxury cars to valuable investments, there is no doubt that Blippi’s wealth is something to be admired. With wise investments, tax breaks, and an impressive social media presence, Blippi has certainly made the most of his opportunities and is sure to remain a top internet celebrity for years to come.

The exact amount of Blippi’s net worth is unknown, but it is likely in the millions. Regardless, he has proven that hard work and dedication can take you far and with even more success on the horizon, we can only expect his wealth to continue to grow.

We hope this article has given you a better understanding of Blippi’s incredible wealth and success. It is truly inspiring to see what he has achieved in such a short amount of time and it serves as an example for all aspiring entrepreneurs.

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