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The QR Code reader is the fastest code reader found on the Internet. It's an essential code reader for every Android device. Here are free QR code readers!

Scan Code! By Using Free QR Code Reader

The QR Code reader is the fastest code reader found on the Internet. QR scanner is an essential code reader for every Android device. A code reader app is very useful for decoding and scanning all types of QR codes including Images, Text, Products, URLs, Contacts, Emails, Locations, ISBN, Calendar, Wi-Fi, and many other formats. It works automatically and is easy to explore on your mobile phones including iPhones, Androids, Windows, and many more digital devices.

List of Free QR Code Reader For iPad & iPhone

There are many famous and efficiently working QR code scanner tools available on the internet which are best to use on iPads and iPhones. There is a list of such amazing and free-to-use QR reader apps that can be used on Androids and any type of smartphone. The list includes: 

  • Neo Reader 
  • QR Code Reader – QR scanner
  • Rapid Scanner 
  • QR Reader for iPhone 
  • QR Code Reader & Code Scanner 
  • Qrafter _ QR Code Reader 
  • Scanner QR and Barcode Reader 
  • QR Code & Barcode Scanner 
  • Kaspersky QR Scanner 
  • ScanLife Barcode & QR Reader 

You are completely free to choose any of the code scanner for your personal use. All of these have some specific and worth having features that will make one superior to the other one. You have to understand all the features of every QR code scanner before going to explore it.

QR Code Readers for Androids, Windows, BlackBerry, and iPhone  

There is a number of people using BlackBerry, Windows, Androids, and iPhones. Sometimes they also need to explore the best QR Code Scanner for some different purpose either for commercial or personal use. For all these users, there are many best QR Code Reader apps available on the internet to explore any of the given devices without any charges. There is a list of coder reader apps that you can easily explore on Windows, iPhones, Androids, and BlackBerry. List includes:

  • I-nigma 
  • Bar-Code 
  • NeoReader 
  • QR Droid 
  • Quick Scan 
  • Quick Mark
  • Scan’s QR Code
  • Kaspersky’s QR Scanner 
  • Scan’s QR Code 
  • Zapper 
  • Scan 
  • TapMedia’s QR Reader  

You need not worry if you are using Windows, BlackBerry, iPhones, and Androids. These given and enlisted QR Reader apps are perfectly free to use and are perfect to explore on all these mentioned devices. You can easily choose any of these given apps for decoding your hidden pieces of information in the form of QR Codes.

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List of Best QR Code Scanners for iPhone 

If you are using an iPhone and want to explore a Code Scanner app for free on it. So don’t worry! There are a lot of such apps that are really free of cost and perfect to explore on your iPhones. There is a list of all the perfect code scanners for iPhone:

  • QR Code Reader 
  • Qrafter 
  • QR Scanner: Free Code Reader 
  • QR Reader for iPhone 
  • ScanLife Barcode & Qr Reader 

A quick response barcode has become very popular over the world. All of these mentioned QR Code Reader apps free have amazing features that will be according to your needs and requirements. 

How to Scan a QR Code on iPhone?

First of all, you have to learn how to scan a Qr Code on iPhone. It is not a very complex and time taking process. Here are some steps to follow if you want to scan a code for decoding its hidden pieces of information. Steps include:

  • You have to download one of the above-listed QR Scanner apps on iPhone. 
  • Then launch the downloaded app. 
  • Then you have to focus on the square-shaped white and black box you want to scan. 
  • Wait till the hidden data is completely decoded and appears to you on your mobile screen. 
  • Then you have to follow the link when you get the data. Check the pictures.

Once you have learned it will help you in the easiest way possible for it. These steps are quite clear and simple. Even a fresh user can also enjoy the experience of decoding hidden information from the desired QR Code. 

Advanced Uses of QR Scanner 

QR Code readers are getting popular and have very efficient and necessary uses all around the world. Such online and free apps are used for commercial purposes like for letting know the prices of products, in different shops, sharing your contact information through QR code, sharing images to scan for other apps, changing color, the theme of the app, Scan QR from images, Scanning QR from your gallery, and many more. Users can use Batch scan mode for scanning multiple QR Codes at the same time or at once.

Key Features of a QR Code Scanner  

There are many amazing and attractive features that are worth having and required by all the users. There are some of the most attractive features of the scanner are enlisted here: 

  • Dark Mode to Save Battery 
  • Automatically Saves Scanning History 
  • Create own Barcodes and QR Codes 
  • Read and Scan all types of barcodes & QR 
  • Scan PDF, Business cards, Database, Documents, and many more. 
  • Share Scanning history very easily
  • No Internet and button is needed, just point to scan objects
  • Grab social profile links, website URLs, iTunes, and Map URLs. 
  • Saves favorite product information for future reference. 
  • View the data inside and recognize the embedded codes.
  • Instantly scan barcodes and QR Codes. 
  • Scan for contact details, text messages, calendar events, and so on. 
  • A very stylish and attractive interface with simple maneuverability. 
  • Get alerts when reading and scanning codes with malicious website links. 
  • For accurate reading in the dim light use flashlight for scanning codes. 
  • Fastest barcode scanner and QR Reader. 
  • Easy to use and is perfectly free of cost QR Reader apps. 

Final Verdict 

Free QR Code Reader is widely used these days for commercial and personal intentions. Thousand of free QR Scanners are available on the internet that facilitate the users to an extent and have amazing features and benefits. In this article, a number of free and online QR Code Scanners are mentioned and the process is also mentioned about how to explore the app on your Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows, and BlackBerry. You can easily choose any of these apps for your own use. These apps are perfectly free of cost and are safe and sound to use. 

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