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How to learn coding: The best guides for Java, HTML, Python and more

In today’s growing economy, the ability to code is a super valuable skill to have on any resume. While you might think it’s too late to go to school to learn coding languages like Java, HTML, or Python, there are plenty of online courses to learn. 

Coding seems daunting; however, it’s not much different from learning any other language — only this time, you just need to write it. Many websites make it easy & fun to learn too. Whether you’re looking to build a personal website or develop the next viral app, these websites should be your first stop.  


Codecademy is the premier destination to learn coding online. The website has courses on fourteen different coding languages including HTML, Java, and Python. The nice thing is you aren’t signing up for individual courses. With a Codecademy account, you have access to every class. 

There are two tiers: a basic & pro level. While the basic level comes with free classes, they’re only an introductory class. If you want more in-depth instruction or want to learn skills for a specific job, like web or game development, you’ll need to upgrade to the pro level. The pro level is $40 a month or $240 a year, saving you half if you were to pay monthly. You also get unlimited mobile practicing on their app. 

Classes are super easy to follow along. Codeccademy divides the screen into three sections. The left has the lesson notes, the middle is the coding software, and the right has the website you’re building. It makes it easy to see what you’re doing and understand each concept. The only thing we wish is the lessons were read to you. It would help feel like someone was teaching you over a self-guided course. 

Linkedin Learning 

In 2015, Linkedin bought the popular online course site for $1.5 billion. The site was a hit for people looking to learn new skills like coding or anything else you think would look great on a resume. Linkedin brought the site into its ecosystem and made it easy for people to show off their expertise on their Linkedin profiles. 

On Linkedin Learning, you can search for a particular language you want to learn or a comprehensive course for a specific skill like web design and mobile app development. For those looking to pump up their resume, the Linkedin integration is probably the best selling point. 

Linkedin Learning costs either $30 a month or $240 annually after a free month trial. It’s the best option for anyone looking to learn more than just coding. However, the only downside to Linkedin Learning for coding is the lessons are like recorded lectures. Luckily, you can use whatever text editor tool your computer has, but we recommend getting a second monitor to put the course on. 


Dash by General Assembly is a free web development course. The course walks you through eighty-two different coding skills needed to build a website. It also gets into the nitty-gritty rather quickly. In the first lesson alone, you learn how to write code for headlines, normal paragraphs, and an email submissions spot.   

One of the cool things about Dash compared to Codecademy & Linkedin Learning is how you’ll see your website update in real-time. As you write the code in the box under the lesson, you’ll watch as the website automatically updates. 

We have the same complaint with Dash as we did with Codecademy. We would love it if the lessons were narrated to feel more like a lecture. That way, you can write the code and listen at the same time.

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