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It’s never too late to go back to school or at least go back to class. Make the most of quarantine with these free online courses.

All the best free online courses to take when on quarantine

It’s never too late to go back to school or at least go back to class. There are little things every now and then that we’d like to learn such as a foreign language, a musical instrument, or just how to make dinner without setting off the fire alarm. It’s not easy carving out time during your day to learn these new skills but then again, nowadays many of us have plenty of time. 

Luckily for anyone suffering through the pangs of boredom, colleges, universities, and online learning sites have a slew of courses – yes, even free courses – for us to better ourselves during these trying times, including online language courses. Here is a list of subjects for you to pencil in your planner. 

“The Science of Well-Being” 

This course offered by Yale University has been the most popular course in the college’s history. Taught by Professor Laurie Santos, “The Science of Well-Being” explores the concept of happiness, common misconceptions of what it means to be happy, and gives us tools to build mindful habits that contribute to our own happiness. The course has received an overwhelming response during quarantine. 

Nikon school online

If you’re a budding photographer and would like some tips from a few professionals then definitely check out Nikon’s website for their photography courses. Nikon has something for all levels and a whole range of different instructors teaching different specialties. There is a content video course for aspiring YouTubers, music video making, and landscape photography. 

The course prices normally range from $15-$50 dollars but nowadays just sign in with your name and email and get going!

Food & health

Anyone who has been struggling with their diet over the quarantine could use this course to get back on track. Offered by Stanford University, “Introduction to Food and Health” delves into the specifics of nutrition and gives people the practical skills they need to be smart about how they eat. The free course is taught by M.D. Maya Adam. 


Have you ever thought about writing down those ideas in your head and transforming them into a song? Now’s the time for you to start crafting because Berklee College of Music is offering a free course called “Songwriting: Writing the Lyrics”. In this class, students learn a process of writing lyrics to concisely express the song’s emotions. 


Gamers have been in their element during our time of stay-at-home quarantine. But if they ever want to go beyond playing the games and learn how they’re actually made then Harvard’s course “Introduction to Game Development” is just for them. Students learn the ins and outs of game development and explore the design of games like Zelda, Portal, and Super Mario Bros

The course is free on Harvard’s website and while you’re there be sure to have a peek at the other free subjects they offer.

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