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Social media marketing is a must for reaching your customers, audience, or readers! Engage with your clientele and boost your presence with these tips!

How to Build Your Social Media Presence

If you want to get the maximum benefits of social media, then it is a must to grow your reach. Below are tips to help you with social media presence:

1. Assessing current social media presence

The first thing you need to do is understand your current strengths and weaknesses on social media platforms. Apart from the interaction numbers and follower count on your accounts, you also have to look at your competitor’s social media presence so you can see how yours compares to theirs.

Social media platforms today offer you detailed analytics if you have a business account. This allows you to closely look at the performance of your posts. Some of the information you can get from analytics include the best-performing posts, the demographics of those who have interacted with the posts and liked the page, and the reach of your posts.

2. Setting your social media goals

When you are building your social media presence, you need to assess the progress or success of your actions. A good way to accomplish what you have set is to build a plan then monitor the progress.

You should have long-term goals and also intermediary goals. Your long-term goals will be growing your social media following by 100% in a year and the intermediary goal is what you want to achieve in a month. Short-term goals are also important because they allow you to compare your progress against benchmarks you have set and know if the plan you have is working or you need to make some adjustments. 

3. Diversifying your accounts

A good way to grow your presence is to increase the number of social media platforms you are on. There are many benefits you can expect from both small and large platforms. Larger platforms give you access to more customers, but the smaller ones allow you to easily establish your brand within your niche. 

You can benefit from both of them if you post across the major and smaller platforms. YouTube is a growing platform for businesses, although it may seem daunting and impossible to build a following there are ways to get your business seen on YouTube. You can buy high retention YouTube views that will give a new profile a boost and drive organic traffic.

4. Developing a voice

Having a consistent voice is important because it is one of the key elements to building a loyal following. When people start following your account because of the content you are posting, try your best to maintain it so that your followers know that the voice is always the same. 

While you can have the same voice across all platforms, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are some brands that take a more informal approach when on some platforms and more professional on some. 

5. Focusing on your content

A good way of growing your social media presence is by producing quality content and having a consistent posting schedule. While you might use other methods to make people visit your accounts, they are going to follow you if they enjoy the content you share. 

When you make higher-quality content, you are reducing the cost of growth because there will be a higher conversion rate according to Social Shaft. This means that every new viewer is more likely to become a user of your product or follower because of your social media presence. 

6. Using promoted posts

The goal is always organic sharing of your posts when you produce content for your social media platforms, but it is a good idea to take advantage of promoted posts because it is going to help grow your social media presence. When you pay for this service, your post is going to be shared with users who aren’t following you and wouldn’t have seen it any other way. 

Promoted posts can also be regular posts that are going to be on your profile and will be visible to those following you. When you promote existing content, you are letting users know the type of posts they can expect to get when they follow you.

Another option is making a post that is meant to be used on the promotion and not on your profile. This means your followers are not going to get it on their feeds. This is commonly used when prioritizing making a sale over growing the social media account. This can still help the account grow because it can earn followers from users.

7. Monitoring your analytics

Once you have implemented the various initiatives and gotten results, you are going to turn to the same analytics you used in assessing your weaknesses and strengths. These analytics are good because they will help in improving your efforts in the future. Look at the overall metrics of the account to see if there is growth when it comes to your social media presence.

You can see the strength of your posts when you take a more granular approach. Look for trends that posts are most successful. Metrics gives you the chance of sorting by demographics and seeing which groups are interested in your content and accounts. When you know more about your audience, it is easier to give them what they want and need.

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