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Watching a movie without subtitles can feel incomplete. Ever wonder how to easily get subtitles for your movie? The answer lies in audio transcription software. Read on to find out more.

How can Audio Transcription Software Generate Movie Subtitles?

Today’s world has become an increasingly competitive place, where efficiency is prioritized to achieve financial success. One way to maximize efficiency is by automating as many business operations as possible to prevent using up excessive time and manual labor. 

With the rapid development of technology, more and more companies have opted to incorporate computer vision services that enable them to automate their business operations. With more time and brainpower spared due to automation, companies can work on strategic solutions that cater to their growth and development. 

A prime example of a process that is tedious is time-consuming is the physical transcription of audio information from voice recordings, personal notes, discussions, and other such sources. Automating this process, with an auto subtitle generator, is bound to save a lot of time and energy.

audio transcription software

So, how exactly do companies automate their physical audio transcriptions processes? The answer lies in audio transcription software. Audio transcription software essentially allows you to type via your voice. Meaning, you can compile all verbal information as physical data. But this software’s use isn’t just limited to large corporations.

 Audio transcription software can be used for any task. A YouTuber or vlogger wanting to add captions in their videos can avail the use of this technology, a teacher making educational videos, or even a person sitting at home and wanting subtitles for their movie can find audio transcription software extremely effective.

audio transcription software

What is Audio Transcription Software?

Audio transcription software is a technology designed to help automate the process of physically transcribing audio information.

The technology automates the conversion of audio and video files to text. This means that you use this software for a wide range of tasks, such as the transcription of movies, vlogs, podcasts, and educational videos. It is especially useful in generating subtitles for movies. 

Audio transcription software is an example of a computer vision service and is built upon the principles of artificial intelligence like machine learning.

audio transcription software

To maximize the benefits of audio transcription software, you need to find apps that cater to needs specific to your task. Folio3 has compiled a comprehensive list of some of the best free speech-to-text software for Android, Windows, and iOS. This compilation will make your journey to finding an app that is personalized to your needs much easier.

audio transcription software

How is Audio Transcription Software used to Generate Subtitles in Movies?

Audio transcription software can automate the process of generating movie subtitles. Depending on the software you decide to use, you can either upload an audio or video file of your movie and have the software process it and generate and output an electronic text file consisting of subtitles, or you can process your movie in real-time and simultaneously have subtitles appear.

Audio transcription software is especially important for generating movie subtitles because movie clips or trailers with subtitles have keywords that can be picked up by search engines, which increases the discoverability of your movie.

Using this software also makes movies enjoyable to a wider range of audiences, such as those with impaired hearing. Not only this, but certain audio transcription software has the features to transcribe audio information into multiple language subtitles. This means that the movie is accessible to a global audience.

audio transcription software

Thus, audio transcription software is an integral part of generating subtitles for movies in multiple languages, and the app you choose to use depends on what features you prioritize.

audio transcription software


Whatever type of business you run, audio transcription software is a great tool to reduce manual labor, save time and increase workplace efficiency. Along with this, the software is a great option for tasks at a smaller scale, like adding captions for a foreign language movie you want to enjoy.

In the end, the type of software you use depends on the type of task you want to perform. Luckily with the huge variety available in the market, you are sure to find an app that matches your individual needs.

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