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AI is everywhere these days. Here's a list of the AI-driven activities that you should try out as soon as possible.

AI-driven activities to try out


With the advent of AI, modern technologies continue to evolve at an unprecedented rate.  Whether you want to learn to play piano or conceptualize complex math topics, AI can help you break the boundaries.

The current data shows that the total market size of AI is over 27.3 billion. According to the current projection, this figure would cross 266.92 billion by 2027. Now, that’s a major jump of 33.2% growth rate in the next eight years. 

Currently, there are many AI tutorials, platforms, and apps that offer people to learn about more concepts without added difficulty. In fact, AI-based tools and games have the power to spark more curiosity. The list of AI tools and platforms can be a long one.

So, let’s focus on the essential AI-driven activities you can try right now:

  • Remote Piano Learning

If you want to learn how to play the piano, you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to an expensive piano instructor or attend an in-person class. Instead, opt for an AI-based piano learning app like Skoove. The integrated resources, hand movements, and song selection is more than enough to get started. Skoove also allows you to take online piano sessions as a beginner or advanced player. 

  • Happy Draw

There are many drawing apps in the online marketplace, but AI-powered drawing games are in a league of their own. For instance, Happy Draw is arguably one of the best drawing games you can play. Ideally, you should play as a single and see how accurate AI guesses your drawings.

In comparison, Happy Draw’s AI algorithm can guess your drawing picture with more preciseness and speed. If you want to pass the time during self-quarantine and conduct drawing sessions, navigating Happy Draw would make an ideal choice. 

  • AI PokerAlfie

Poker enthusiasts finally have an AI tool they can love. Once you get past the short learning stage of the app, you’d be surprised at its AI algorithm’s automated and adaptable learning capabilities. In short, the app puts you in a traditional 6-handed poker game against AI players.

You can adjust the AI difficulty level from optimal to aggressive playing style. Furthermore, you can also change the speed of the AI bots.

Although it is not exactly clear “how” the AI algorithm of the app detects bluffs, it is still too much fun to try different hands and pass the time. AI PokerAlfie is tested by experienced and professional poker players and supposedly can switch between 500 hands. 

  • Leia AI Website Builder

Leia is a website builder and offers a wide range of AI-based solutions to improve everyday life. What’s interesting is that these AI solutions cater to individuals and as well as organizations.  For instance, if you don’t have coding or design experience, you can use Leia to build a sophisticated and professional website in seconds. 

The machine learning AI app needs audio confirmation to execute tasks. It means you just need to speak directly to the Leia app from your tablet or mobile device. The AI-powered app will ask you a couple of questions and start to build the site.

Remember, the more questions you answer, the more detailed and accurate website you will have at the end. But if you’re not happy with the website layout, you can access the integrated inventory of Leia and make changes as per your preference. 

  • AI Rock Paper Scissors

Yes, now you don’t need a close friend to try the rock, paper, scissors game. In the AI-based approach, the app is more or less similar to the human one. However, it allows you to improve your rock-paper-scissors skills. The app functions through a mobile phone’s camera and spots hand gestures.

Make sure to get rid of as many distractive elements in the background as you can to have the perfect experience. Ideally, you should have a white background and significant distance from the camera so that the AI algorithm can detect your hand gestures in an instant. 

  • Clarifai

Clarifai can analyze the most complex information through its powerful algorithms. In fact, the platform works on several apps and adapts to a specific user experience. If you want to dive into the realm of intelligent assistants and invest in AI app development, Clarifai can help you make the right decisions.

  • Amazon AI

Amazon’s famous AI-driven platform can identify visual objects and human speech. It processes the data through deep machine learning and then adapts as per the requirements of a situation. For instance, the Amazon AI model is adaptable and compatible with cloud deployment.

As a result, it makes it easier for developers to create less complicated AI-based mobile apps. On the other hand, individual users can dive into Alexa AI assistant to learn information while doing other tasks.

AI-driven Approach Works for the Most Famous Apps and Platforms

For instance, AI has become fundamental to the mobile app sector. It means you can expect to see more groundbreaking AI apps and platforms for years to come. Whether it’s Netflix or Amazon, the AI model and integration have become the foundation to ensure brand success.

The automated reasoning and optimization possibilities are endless when it comes to AI. It is no wonder many companies have started to realize how AI can drive more growth and lead to more efficient and secure operational activities.

Final Thoughts

There is a reason why artificial intelligence has managed to be in the spotlight for years.  It offers a chance for individuals, startups, and corporations to evolve. In fact, you can find the integration of AI and ML capabilities in most modern apps.

From food delivery to music learning to AI games, more artificial intelligence applications now offer a better user experience and help understand complex topics with convenience.

You may not realize it, but AI has (probably) become a part of your daily life. With an AI-driven approach, you can comprehend the most complicated concepts. In retrospect, AI offers a much more sustainable future for next-generation applications.


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