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Michael Koch was named the Artificial Intelligence Entrepreneur of the Year for Machine Learning for his outstanding work in his latest company, HubKonnect.

Michael Koch was honored at the 2022 Business Intelligence Group awards for his excellence in the field of AI. Learn more about this entrepreneur.

When it comes to the lives of Kenyans, nothing has had a greater influence than the smartphone. See how technology has changed Kenya in the past decade.

Filmustage is a new AI-based script breakdown service. It's the first of our kind, so be sure to learn more about it here!

Businesses have yet to see if Artificial Intelligence, commonly known as AI, will help or hurt them in the future, but they'll soon be a reality regardless.

In the coming years, AI is going to be a huge part of growing business and developing sales strategies. Get a glimpse of the future of business tech.

Artificial intelligence is here to stay. Find out how AI is going to impact the film industry forever.

Book scanning can be a lengthy, boring process. Not anymore! Say goodbye to the slow, time-wasting process and scan books more efficiently with this.

Look into the future and you'll discover the future is now! Dive into the technological advancements being made right now in healthcare & wound treatments.