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Book scanning can be a lengthy, boring process. Not anymore! Say goodbye to the slow, time-wasting process and scan books more efficiently with this.

Look into the future and you'll discover the future is now! Dive into the technological advancements being made right now in healthcare & wound treatments.

Although Boston Dynamics has been building AI dogs for a while, the NYPD's latest test has concerned the public. See why 'Black Mirror' is trending now.

AI is everywhere these days. Here's a list of the AI-driven activities that you should try out as soon as possible.

Artificial intelligence will play a huge part in creating safer gambling for the future. Take a look at how AI will help create safer gambling.

How harmful can deep fakes be now that technology has become so advanced? See the new My Heritage feature that can make old photos come to life here.

Have you heard about the latest gadget from CES 2021? Time to pump up the jams with the latest hearing aid! Check out Sony's 360 Reality Audio.

Your music taste is your own, but what if an artificial intelligence software could tell you how bad your music taste is? Read about how you can see.

Is Facebook finally busting fake pages on its platform? Find out the latest measures Facebook is taking against fake news.