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Wonering why 5G doesn't seem as amazing as you were told it was going to be? Here's why that is and how the speed is going to change soon.

Why isn’t your 5G phone getting 5G speed? How 2021 will fix that

The future is here with 5G Speed! With the pandemic keeping us apart in 2020, 5G has brought us closer together with new technology in 2021 starting with 5G phones. To get the full understanding of 5G speed we have the latest information below. 

According to CNET, despite COVID-19 5G phones have been sold to millions of customers in countries across the world. A new wave of 5G phones with 5G speed, such as the iPhone 12 and the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, has brought a new way of connecting to the people around us.

What is 5G?

According to Qualcomm, 5G is also known as the “fifth generation mobile network” and is the worldwide standard for wireless communication after the 4G network. 5G provides a virtual connection through various smart devices and even objects. The 5G network is the most reliable network with its “increased availability” and a user-friendly experience. 

CNET reported that 5G isn’t about just speed but rather something they call “low latency”. Low latency is the response time when you upload or download something on your smart device through the touch of a button. Every click will send your request to the 5G network and when you receive a response that will be the 5G in pure form.

Other cellular networks like 4G consist of a maximum lag time of twenty milliseconds, while any device under the 5G speed will have a lag time of one millisecond. This difference means you can send pictures & documents and stream videos at a much quicker pace. Can you imagine a world without buffering? 

Having 5G speed will also impact your daily living as 5G networks can be accessed through various products like kitchen appliances or ATMS. According to CNET, businesses will operate quicker through sending data and money in a flash!

5G vision

Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon told Forbes, “The easiest way to think about 5G is that it is the future of the internet”. Amon stated that consumers should “think of it (5G) as a pipeline with virtually unlimited speeds”. Having access to 5G speeds will provide users and businesses with information as fast as “electricity”. 

CNET reported that 5G speeds will be the kickstart online trade fairs like CES (Consumer Electronic Show). The Consumer Technology Association that hosts the CES will hold a virtual conference between January 11th and January 14th to promote new devices with 5G speeds. 

The vice president of the Consumer Technology Association Steve Koenig stated, “Wherever you look across the show floor, 5G will come up, it will really touch everything we’re doing”. This shift to 5G includes Samsung introducing their Galaxy S21, Apple’s iPhone 12 collection, and more 5G surprises.

Pricey future

2021 will bring 5G speed at an expensive cost at first as users will need to sign up for unlimited data plans to enjoy the wireless broadband network. CEO of AT&T Communications Jeff McElfresh stated, “The speed at which the technology is beginning to make its way into the network is unparalleled”. 

According to CNET, the first few 5G phones were expensive with Samsung’s Galaxy S10 5G at $1,300. Samsung customers were required “premium service plans”  and had to drop prices while Apple kept their 5G phones at the same price during the pandemic. Luckily a wider selection of 5G phones will be available in the new year and approximately 250 million 5G sales were made in 2020 according to Business Wire.

Strategy Analytics reported that although Apple was only the “second largest 5G phone seller” next to the top 5G seller, Huawei in 2019. However, today we see Apple releasing a variety of 5G devices like their iPhone 12 range including the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the iPhone 12 Mini in different sizes.

5G iPhones

Apple introduced the iPhone 12 with 5G speed and CCS Insight analyst Ben Wood has called it “a future-proof product”. Although in 2020 we may not need 5G networks, we might need one in 2023 considering the new technology & services being developed everyday with 5G connectivity. 

According to Macworld, the 5G iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will provide “real-world download speeds” between 100 megabits per second to one gigabit per second. This 5G speed is similar to a blink of an eye as it is “ten times faster than LTE services” and will feel like you are on a fast Wi-Fi connection no matter where you are.

Speedy lifestyle 

5G speeds will impact businesses and most of the economy through new technology in cars, medicine, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and everyday industries like retail. CNET reported, even key workers like emergency responders will use 5G speeds and get to their destination much quicker and save more lives. 

According to Computer Weekly, 5G networks will be included in cars by the year 2035. Cars will be virtually-equipped with various systems that include road safety and will enhance traffic efficiency. Bosch, Volkswagen, and Ford are on the road to a new kind of speed with 5G connectivity. 

According to CNET, gamers will also benefit from 5G speed with video games and live streams available by the click of a button. Gamers could experience more features directly from the cloud and have “real-time” gaming experiences. 

5G speeds will change the way we see the world. If you’re dying to catch a glimpse of all the 5G devices on offer, don’t forget to watch the CES online on January 11th to January 14th 2021. Let us know in the comments below if you’re ready for the 5G experience!

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