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It's 2021, and this year, you're going to up your presentation game. Wow your clients with the top 5 presentation software tools out there!

Top 5 Presentation Tools To Use In 2021 Better Presentation

Nowadays, the tools you use to make your presentations have become as important as your oral skills.

On top of that, ever since Covid-19 occurred, it has steered us all into the realm of remote work— but every business has to thrive and regardless of the situation, we still need to carry on with our day-to-day activities like sharing stories online with the allocated team’s.

Here, we’ve come up with some of the best presentation tools to make your presentation skill sharper in a much easier and more creative method.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint

For many years, PowerPoint template has continued to be one of the most popular presentation tools although it can be quite static. PowerPoint offers a plethora of features to give rise to sales and make marketing presentations vigorous and more engaging.

With Microsoft PowerPoint, everything that you need is at your fingertips to create your presentation more captivating from graphics to animated transitions.

Users can also upload their choice of fonts, graphics and pictures into their presentations. Moreover, you can do your presentation on your phones and other devices. At the same time, you can find ready-to-use Free PowerPoint templates that will enable you to generate outstanding presentations in no time and effortlessly.

However, the availability of templates in PowerPoint are limited and it can get boring if you frequently use the same template. Also, if you want to spend a few bucks, this is the best tool for you since Microsoft PowerPoint is more on the expensive side. It can cost around $139.99.The bad news is, it can only be accessed through one gadget unless you want to extend your package.

And while PowerPoint may be one of the best tools for presentation, its strengths are scarce in this section. So if you’re looking for something less expensive, I’d reckon you take a step back and look somewhere else.

  • ShowMyMap

If you want to make a first great impression and a lasting one, use ShowMyMap on your presentation as it offers great analytic features not only that but you can also obtain valuable and gain insights from your raw data and turn them into a visual, interactive map that you can utilize it to connect, instruct and teach your audience with the mapping tool provided through ShowMyMap.

You can use it to your advantage of the many customization features available to your will. Customize your map according to your demands and choices with customization tools that ShowMyMap has to offer. It’s completely up to you how you want to share it. You can use it on a private mode or just select a few people or with everyone on the net.

With every map you make utilizing ShowMyMap includes an HTML link and gives you choices to embed the map on your webpage by copying and pasting.

  • Keynote

To put it simply, Keynote is known as Apple’s version of Microsoft PowerPoint. It’s another slideshow app but in a more Apple style, it has a sleek and minimal interface.

You can choose from 30 other themes which serve as templates and it can do the task of what PowerPoint can.

Its main advantage is that Keynote is a part of the Apple ecosystem. It has built-in iCloud and also supports the Apple Watch. So apparently, users can monitor their presentation from their wrists. Talk about a handy presentation.

Keynote is pre-installed mostly in all of the Mac appliances. If not, you can buy it from Apple for a cost of $9.99 for phone users and $19.99 for OS X. Keystone is mainly exclusive to Mac OS.

  • Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is one such presentation tool that allows you to create a presentation where you have an option to do that on the net. Meaning, you can easily have access from other phone devices as well as on your computer. Even if you use different devices, you can still choose from a variety of different types of fonts, layouts and filters to make an excellent presentation.

  • Google Slides

Presently, PowerPoint is the most popular and is the reigning champion of the presentation tool in the market but if you have to look carefully, many other small players are emerging and slowly dominating. 

Google is investing to change the ways of the future workforce by propelling their Chromebook laptops, Google Classroom platform and their PowerPoints substitute “Google Slides” to education systems spread out the world through their “Google Apps for Education Suite.” 

Students and teachers do not find it difficult to get their presentations done on Google Slides, which is available for free if you have a Gmail account or a Google account.

The best thing about the Google Slides show is that it supports both IOS and Android users.


In business meetings, it’s a must to create presentations that are visually captivating, engaging and creative. And the best yet easiest way to do that is to use the right presentation tool. Well, look no further, above are some of the best presentation tools which you can use for your business, class or your school presentation. 

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