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The recent Russia-Ukraine conflict has shown military violence is far from over. How are UK citizens helping?

They say you can't do it all, but Donavan Warren is proving whoever "they" are wrong. Dive into his spectacular projects from Loaded Dice Films here.

From the Japanese internment to increased violence against Asian Americans during COVID, see what musician Kishi Bashi told NPR about writing his new song.

Nazis have made a rush back to headlines over the past four years. Is there a 100 year old man on trial? Find out why.

Chuck Yeager, the original supersonic man, died on Monday, Dec. 7, 2020. Here's a look back at his legacy.

Shockingly, 25% of young Americans have bought into the Holocaust denial conspiracy theories. Here's what we know.

'The Great Dictator' went on to become Charlie Chaplin’s most commercially successful film. Here's what we know about Charlie Chaplin and this insane tale.