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They say you can't do it all, but Donavan Warren is proving whoever "they" are wrong. Dive into his spectacular projects from Loaded Dice Films here.

Donavon Warren rolls 5 Sci-Fi movies into production

We take a look at Donavon Warren’s ambitious upcoming slate and possible franchise movies from Loaded Dice Films. 

The term “jack of all trades” is often accompanied by “master of none.” This saying implies that one man can only excel at one thing, as getting good at something requires time and hard work. This implication is mostly true in the real world as well. But then there are individuals that break this mold in filmmaking. 

Directing, Acting, and Producing. Such people as Charlie Chaplin, Bradley Cooper, Kevin Costner, Orson Welles, Denzel Washington and Clint Eastwood, just to name a few. 

One of these new generations of men is the rising Hollywood star Donavon Warren. He’s young and has barely begun his journey, yet one can already write an entire book about his experiences. From losing 50 pounds to play a heroin addict, living in his car, or even doing medical testing to fund a movie. The list goes on and on.

You probably know him from his role as Mickey in the indie hit movie “Wheels”, which he also wrote, produced and co-directed. If you don’t know of him…well then you will soon. He is as ambitious as his production schedule. With a movie to release every year, starting in 2023 and running through 2028. All of the movies are in the Sci-Fi genre. All of them are huge action movies. All of them with modest to extremely high budgets.

At first glance, the stories about Warren’s past seemed far fetched. Like something that might be conjured up to get some media or news attention. Did he really lose 50 pounds for the role of Mickey? Did he really sign up for medical testing to fund a portion of the movie? But then we did some digging, and everything actually checks out.

It actually took him 3 times to get approved for a medical study. On the second one, he had lost so much weight that his resting heart rate would drop below 35 beats per minute and set off the alarms in the testing facility. He was asked to leave that round, he finally got approved the 3rd time.

The first movie in the release schedule is “Vampire Apocalypse”. Which is a story about a small group of people who live safely on an island away from a post-apocalyptic vampire ruled world. When a little girl gets sick, they must venture to the vampire infested mainland to get the cure. This movie is set to start filming in the coming months.

If that movie wasn’t ambitious enough, next on the slate is a 4 part trilogy of movies called “Time Wars”.  The last movie in the Trilogy is broken into two parts. This series of movies is about Time travelers fighting a war throughout time. The first movie is set during WWI, the second and third movies are set during WWII. 

The last movie being set during WWII in the future. The last of these movies is set to release in 2027 and will run into 2028. From what we know now these movies promise to create a huge franchise.

Looking at an animation for “Time Wars” that was leaked online a few months ago, then reposted by the filmmaker, these movies will bring audiences in droves. And we can’t wait for them either! The big question is how this extremely ambitious slate will be pulled off and how it can be done. 

Judging by the amount of pain and struggle he puts into his movies, you can only expect him to give everything he has. We don’t have all the answers. We can’t predict the future, but one thing we can say is… time will tell.

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