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The news isn’t all bad, despite the ongoing sexual harassment scandal that is gripping Hollywood and dominating headlines around the world. Today, there’s been an avalanche of news

Yesterday, we reported on how the headlines of 2018 would be punctuated by the sexual harassment scandal that began with disgraced Hollywood tyrant Harvey Weinstein. Now, it appears

The New York Times sat down with Elizabeth Banks (Pitch Perfect 3) to discuss the realities of being a hard-working and ambitious woman in Hollywood. There’s a lot

Absolute legend and Hollywood outsider Tommy Wiseau is enjoying a surge in popularity thanks to The Disaster Artist. Now, one of Wiseau’s lifelong dreams is about to come

James Franco has spoke at length with the crew of Variety’s Playback podcast. Topics covered included his varied career, his experience portraying Tommy Wiseau in The Disaster Artist,

Pixar’s Coco continues to soak up the U.S. box office, and with a little help from China, is posed to dominate the market until Disney’s Star Wars: The

The art of the backhanded apology; Lauer claims some stories are “untrue” Matt Lauer, the focus of a new wave of allegations, has issued an apology for any “pain”

Pixar’s Coco has managed to throttle the struggling superhero bonanza that is Justice League. The animated feature, revolving around the Day of the Dead, made a weekend posting

Justice League, this year’s big budget tentpole superhero flick from Warner Bros. Pictures, has taken a pretty sour $96 million at the box office. It’s the lowest domestic