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Wondering if wall-crawling is just a spider bite away? Radiation monitoring devices supplier Kromek tells a realistic version of superhero origin stories.

The first image for the upcoming Netflix Originals show The Umbrella Academy has been unveiled along with a standard, vague as ever arrival date of 2019.. The image

With the recent glimpses of the upcoming Aquaman, the follow-up to last year’s Justice League featuring a smarmy Jason Momoa in glorious leather pants and surrounded by creatures

Warner Bros. has finally given us the first poster for James Wan’s upcoming Aquaman from the continuing DCEU. Yep – still going strong! We can't help but be psyched

'Black Panther' was a trailblazing Marvel superhero when he was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirkby back in 1966. As the first African superhero in mainstream comics,