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Brace yourself for Southern California Winter Storm's icy temper tantrums! Swap sunny surfboards for snowboards as history's coldest beach bash hits SoCal. Frozen margaritas, anyone?

But if you are still thinking about the reasons for why you should make the ski tour during spring, the following pointers can help you decide better.

The devastation of Winter Storm Uri left Texas in a complete state of disarray this week. Did the snow storm inflict even more damage?

The unprecedented amount of snow hitting Texas has turned the state upside-down. See the craziest photos and footage from Winter Storm Uri here.

Texas isn't made for snow, but Texans have recently been dumped with the stuff. Luckily, this makes for great memes.

Winter Storm Gail has left much of the northern U.S. covered in snow, but people are still having fun. Here's the best memes from the storm.

A nor’easter made its way to the northeast this week, causing multiple feet of snow to fall. How's the U.S. East Coast handling things?