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The NYPD has been under scrutiny for various reasons. Learn more about the controversies here.

Whether for defense, pleasure, hunting, or work, you must pick the correct handgun choice. Discover how to choose the best firearm for you.

You can find many amazing products at online firearm dealing websites, from premium guns to different accessories to add to your guns.

This mother of three in Florida has been arrested for planning to assassinate Vice President Kamala Harris. Was she really planning to kill Harris?

After shooting three protestors, two of them dead, Kyle Rittenhouse was ruled not guilty on all charges. Learn all the controversial details of his trial.

After he shot and killed two protesters, Kyle Rittenhouse is now facing possible homicide charges. Is GoFundMe supporting his legal fees?

The Olympian who was imprisoned for the murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, is now eligible for parole. Should Oscar Pistorius be freed?

The question of who's responsible for the wrongful shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins is still unknown. Who in the 'Rust' crew is at fault?

Learn how this teen boy killed sixteen-year-old Shelly Moon and both of her parents shortly before Valentine's Day. Read the details about this dark crime.