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This article delves into the skill of combining wooden furniture with restaurant décor, examining its rustic appeal.

If your restaurant has a counter area where customers can sit and eat or a bar area, then you will need to get suitable bar stools.

Maintaining a restaurant franchise can be tough. Here are some tips on what to consider.

Ready to start a franchise? As a restaurant owner, you must understand the business model, trademark, and processes that'll help you get the best results.

The ambiance of your restaurant has a significant impact on your customers. How can owners correctly set up a dining space?

Have you considered using your car as a third space? Aside from your home and garden, your car offers lots of options for recreation, fun and peace.

What is up with Twitter complaining about the new dress code from 'Steak 48'? Read all about how they've given a new definition to fine dining here.