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The Best Restaurants in Podgorica, Montenegro


Podgorica, Montenegro, is among the oldest cities in the Balkans. Visitors can anticipate a rich cultural and culinary past, with Russian and Italian influences permeating the vibrant city. This variety and the ensuing blending of cuisines are what actually make Podgorica a unique culinary destination. Not to forget the beauty of Montenegro. It is a perfect honeymoon destination! Looking for the best restaurant in Podgorica? Here is a list of three of Podgorica’s greatest restaurants that perfectly capture this amazing city.

Podgorica’s Finest Eateries: A Culinary Journey

Arabian Tea House:

If you are a Muslim and an arabic food lover then surely, you would love this place. The first Emirati restaurant to open abroad is called Arabian Tea House. Its parent firm, Arabian Tea House in the United Arab Emirates, is the reason for its establishment in the beautiful city of Podgorica. Arabian Tea House is the best restaurant in Podgorica, if that’s what you’re searching for! The goal of Arabian Tea House is to protect Arab cultural identity by using recipes passed down from Emirati households as inspiration. The Arabian Tea House is a hidden gem with a large, open space where you can eat your delicious meals while watching your kids play in a gorgeous, lush garden. The restaurant is a great spot for everyone to unwind during the day because of its warm atmosphere. It serves authentic emirati and arabic cuisine. No need to worry for halal food as Arabian Tea House provides 100% halal food. From its breakfast menu to main courses, everything is halal.

Design in Dubai Restaurants 

Per Sempre: 

Per Sempre, which serves only real Italian food, is a classy and definitely upscale location. It has a very retro vibe with its grand piano, paintings in the Renaissance style, and a wooden interior that showcases the restaurant’s outstanding wine selection. Offering a range of delectable and appealing flavors, including penne pomodoro and spaghetti carbonara, guests may indulge in a sophisticated dining experience. The flawless presentation further enhances the venue’s refinement. On pleasant Montenegro evenings, guests can unwind with a drink on the stylish patio that stretches out at the back of the house. Per Sempre offers a highly curated wine list in addition to a selection of Italian and regional spirits and beers.

Zheng He: 

Visitors to Podgorica should stop by Zheng He for a delectable Asian-inspired dinner. This restaurant serves food from Thailand and Vietnam in addition to a mostly Chinese cuisine. Alongside tasty curries, dumplings, and soups, the menu also features Montenegrin takes on Chinese favorites like Yuxiangrousi, a sweet and sour pork dish with bamboo and mixed veggies. The restaurant offers a subtle homage to Asia with its sophisticated artwork and ornamentation, but feels more like a bistro than a Chinese restaurant thanks to its tasteful décor, which includes sleek leather seats and wooden panelling. A sophisticated, modern, and stylish restaurant where you may sample a variety of delectable oriental cuisines.

Wrapping it up!

Podgorica’s culinary scene offers a delightful blend of flavors from around the world, showcasing the city’s rich cultural tapestry. Whether indulging in Italian classics with a modern twist, exploring the depths of Far East cuisine, or savoring authentic Emirati dishes, visitors are sure to embark on a beautiful journey filled with unforgettable experiences. Enjoy your trip and don’t forget to try these places these are the best restaurants in podgorica


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