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Have you considered using your car as a third space? Aside from your home and garden, your car offers lots of options for recreation, fun and peace.

Currently Trending: Using Your Car as a Third Space

The global pandemic has made it essential for people all over the world to rethink their habits and make some uncomfortable choices over the last year. That has meant sacrificing nights out, and spending more time at home. 

While enjoyable for a while, over an extended period just being at home can become stressful. Whether you just need a change of environment or you need a private space away from the people you live with, more and more individuals are seeking creative solutions.

Enter the car.

For many people, the car is barely being used right now – if at all. Rather than leaving it sitting unused, some households are considering it as a type of pod, an extra space attached to the home which can be utilised in a myriad of ways. 

Here are a few suggestions about how you could make use of your car space. 

A Pop-Up Restaurant

If you’ve always kept your car immaculately clean and enforced a strict no-food policy, you might want to reconsider changing your rules, at least in the short term. 

Cars are the ideal way to enjoy some food in peace and quiet, whether it’s a snack or a full-blown meal. Push the seats back and give yourself some room, and you might be surprised at how comfy you can make things. You’ve probably been to crowded restaurants in the past where there’s been less elbow room!

If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration for your car eating experience, the Walmart flyer is full of tasty ideas. For those days when you just need an indulgent treat, they’ve got Great Value Frozen Dessert Tubs for $4.97. Grab a spoon and a tub and enjoy tucking into your heart’s delight! If you’ve got more of an appetite, check out the Fresh Co catalogue for fresh fruit and vegetables. Make yourself a healthy salad and take your food to your car for a relaxed and uninterrupted meal.

Date Night – Now and in the Future

The proximity of the seating in cars makes it a naturally intimate environment, and ideally suited to romance. There’s a very good reason so many love scenes in movies are set in cars!

Rather than just having another night on the sofa with your partner, why not set up a date night in the car. There are all sorts of accessories to make it more comfortable, such as a car tray that clips over the steering wheel. This provides a convenient place for your drinks, or even to play cards on. Alternatively you could just sit and chat, getting out of the house could give you a fresh new perspective. 

Even as the pandemic starts to recede, there may be restrictions on mass gatherings for some time. This means that theatre and cinema trips could be difficult. Look out for outdoor events such as drive-in shows and gigs, or even drive-thru holiday lights! You and your partner could find the car is ideal for romantic dates for some time to come!

Quiet Space

If your house seems full of people, you might be aching for some peace and quiet. Whether it’s a partner who seems to be constantly on Zoom calls, or children who are full of pent-up energy, sometimes there can seem to be no escape. 

Taking 10 minutes to sit quietly in the car, away from everyone, can do your mental health a lot of good. It doesn’t take long to recharge your batteries and even a short period of solitude and silence will help you keep going without losing your cool.


Your car can be a tranquil space for solitude, or an entertainment centre. Whatever you may want it to be, it can be easily transformed into that. So go ahead and try out our suggestions, you may be pleasantly surprised!

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