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Fans have stopped asking "How you doin'?" and started asking, "What is wrong with Wendy Williams?" See what has them so concerned for the host's health.

the CDC has loosened some of the travel guidelines for those who've been fully vaccinated. Are signs pointing to the end of the COVID-19 pandemic?

The CDC has given the green-light for several pre-pandemic activities for those who have gotten the coronavirus vaccine. Ready for life to return to normal?

We're now three months into the vaccination process to fight the coronavirus. Still unsure about getting your vaccine? Here are some amazing testimonies.

Thousands of people are getting vaccinated for the novel coronavirus daily. Now, with a third vaccine, has it become easier to schedule your appointment?

As we’ve learned this past year, good news is hard to come by given this current global pandemic. Here's a timeline of the coronavirus vaccine.

COVID-19 vaccines - The light at the end of the tunnel. Learn about vaccines already on the market and those to come.